How the Multiverse of MCU and The Flash are Different

We are going to witness some major events unfold in the DC Extended Universe. Things have been rather different for this cinematic universe as fans were wondering about the status of the characters following massive confusion. For a while, we were getting solo projects that saw some of the characters return and make an appearance in solo projects. But this year we will see a major crossover project along with other DCEU movies. There are certain similarities that the upcoming DCEU projects share with the Marvel Cinematic Universe i.e. the Multiverse. The Flash‘s multiverse will be a lot more different than the Multiverse of MCU that we got to witness in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Multiverse of MCU

Marvel has been dealing with the concept of the multiverse in a variety of their storylines from the comics. These ended up being rather iconic and included titles like Age of Apocalypse, Marvel Zombies, and House of M. That’s not all as they even have narratives that follow alternate versions of their essential superheroes. Fans have always wondered when we will get to see these things brought to the screen. We got to see an animated version of this with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. But MCU took things way ahead with a live-action interpretation of the Multiverse in No Way Home.


Multiverse of MCU

MCU has been building up to alternate realities for quite a long time now. Following the end of the Infinity Saga, we got to see some major references being made to the Multiverse. Mysterio talks about it when he appears in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Following that, every project started hinting at the concept in its own mannerisms. But things took a real turn when we saw Loki explaining the concept. Later we would get the Disney+ animated series What If…? that would give us a deeper insight into the Multiverse. Then we saw the multiverse chaos unfold with the appearance of the three Spider-Men appearing to take down Spidey villains from across the multiverse.


The Flash‘s Multiverse

The DCEU hasn’t yet touched upon Flash’s Speed Force powers. There was a clear reference that Flash would travel back in time when we got to see him do the same in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Barry appeared briefly from the Knightmare future that Wayne saw in his dreams to give him a warning about Lois Lane. But the speedster indicates that it was a mistake and he has appeared at the wrong time to give the warning. We will see him use these powers on a larger scale in his solo movie where he will travel between realities. With the status of the DCEU in a confusing state, Barry will actually change the whole DCEU by meeting up Michael Keaton’s Batman, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, and his multiverse doppelganger (variant according to MCU terminology).


Based on the teaser of the movie that we got to see last year, Flash will actually visit his late mother. In the Flashpoint narrative from which the movie will be inspired, the same happens when Flash tries to save his mother from dying. Barry will be motivated to save his mother, Nora from being killed by Eobard Thawne, a.k.a Reverse-Flash. The biggest parallel would be, Flash might have to give up on the idea of saving his mother in the end just like Peter had to make the sacrifice of letting everyone forget him. But the biggest difference in the case of DCEU’s introduction of Multiverse will be that Flash would be solely responsible for the changes in the DCEU.


How Will Flash’s Multiverse Impact The DCEU?

One of the biggest questions about the DCEU was surrounding the status of the caped crusader. Ben Affleck had officially retired from the character but he would now be making a final appearance in The Flash. But that won’t be the only Flash appearance as we will also get to see Michael Keaton’s Batman making an appearance in the movie in a supposedly larger role. This has led fans to believe that Keaton would take on the mantle of the Dark Knight in the DCEU. Another major change could be Sasha Calle taking on the mantle of the Kryptonian hero in the DCEU. This is major because even Henry Cavill’s involvement with the DCEU in the future is up in the air.


The Flash will be released in theaters worldwide on November 4. Let’s see how it will differ from the Multiverse of MCU.

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