The Return Of Ikaris is Possibly Happening Much Sooner (But How?)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded in ways that we would have never thought possible at its inception. Part of the reason for this is the incredible success that movies like Endgame and Infinity War brought to the franchise. We would have never expected to see cosmic entities entering this universe in Phase I, but here we are after the release of Eternals and the introduction of the celestials. This was most definitely an Ikaris movie although the Eternals does sacrifice himself at the end. Now, new information suggests that the return of Ikaris is possibly happening much sooner.

You see, the information we have can be spacious when it comes to the MCU. Famous TikToker Emmy Kennard shared in her video that her stuntman brother was now going to reprise the role of a returning MCU character. Increasingly enough, Emmy Kennard’s brother is Joe Kennard, the stunt double of Richard Madden. Joe worked with Madden most recently on a series called Citadel. You see, the fact that Joe is returning to the MCU might confirm that Madden is returning to the MCU but there is more.


Since the actor played Ikaris in Eternals there is room to argue that Ikaris might be resurrected shortly. However, it is also possible that the return of Joe might be for a different character than Ikaris. Since the stuntman also played Wyatt Russell’s stunt double in Overlord, it may be possible that the return of Joe might indicate the second coming of John Walker rather than Ikaris. Then again, the mere inclusion of a stuntman might not be the news we think it is. Come along with us as we try to break down what this news could mean and how it could affect the future of the MCU.


Return of Ikaris

Ikaris the Superman of Marvel Studios, at least in terms of his powers. The flight, the lasers, the super strength all point towards a superman like character. But unlike the boy scout attitude of the man of steel, this character was quite sinister in his approach. He knew the reality of the Eternals’ mission way before all of his peers. Instead of trying to save the human race, Ikaris decided that his Celestial overlords were more important. He consciously chooses to let the Celestials destroy our planet.


But his brethren is against this idea from the very start of the revelation. Gemma Chan’s Sersi made it a point to really her family to the cause. She wanted to protect the humans she was involved with. Richard Madden’s distance from her was a big part of this. But the final battle of Eternals was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship. That and Ikaris chose to cast himself in the sun after the final battle. He presumably burns up within the heart of the star. This is the part that makes us so skeptical about his return.


If he is burned up then how can he return? Well, there are two possibilities. The first one on that the sun did not burn his body. With the Eternals being Androids it is possible that the continuous flow of cosmic energy allowed Ikaris to survive the temperature of the sun. The second possibility of Ikaris coming back is more nuanced. We believe he did burn up in the sun but Ashirem may reforge him in the world forge when he puts Gemma Chan on trial in Eternals 2.


The Consequences

It will change the entire landscape of the MCU if Ikaris is alive. For starters, Earth would have a new mighty defender on her side. The lack of Iron Man and Captain America on the team may not be felt so prominently if this happens. But before Ikaris can take his rightful place as the defender of our species, he would need to deal with his own demons. You see, it all depends on what Arishem decides to do.


Memories of all Eternals will be segregated and assessed individually. They will be put under the microscope and subjected to intense scrutiny. If the memories show that humans have redeeming qualities then Earth might be soared. If not, then it might be exterminated by the Celestials. Maybe that is how Galactus comes into the picture, sen to destroy the earth by the Celestials. Let us know what you think down in the comments below.

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