New Eternals Clip Shows Sersi and Ikaris Battling A Deviant

The next big addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost here with the new Eternals set to come out in cinema halls worldwide soon. The movie will allow us to step into a whole new world of characters and mythology related to the MCU. We will also get to see a lot of new characters added to MCU amongst the already existing roster of MCU characters. The movie will explore the narrative of the set of heroes who are going to be significant figures in the future of MCU too. Fans are excited to see all these stars work out into this vast universe of heroes and villains. A new Eternals clip shows Sersi and Ikaris using their powers in order to fight a Deviant.


Chloé Zhao will bring us a whole new cast of characters in a completely new way that we have never witnessed before. Eternals might actually make a significant impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. It will see the Eternals reunite after a long period of time when a devastating new threat emerges. They have been present on Earth all along but they didn’t intervene in any of the major MCU events because of reasons that will be explored in the movie. With the movie set to release so soon, we are getting to see a lot of promos and clips for the film.


New Clip Released

A new clip was released recently from the movie that showed a complete sequence of a fight between the Eternals and the Deviants. The sequence saw Sprite being attacked by a Deviant, as the latter uses his tentacle-like arm extensions to make him fall down. Before anyone could intervene we see the latter being crashed into a nearby store and it is later revealed to be Ikaris. He uses his laser vision to attack the Deviant and then he is identified by both Sersi and Sprite. Later they discover the Deviant hitting a bus that is toppled by the hit and it heads straight for Sprite and Dane. Sersi steps in to use her powers and converts the body of the bus to a number of petals.


This links directly to the moment from the trailer where we got to see Sersi do the same. We get a somewhat clear idea of the two Eternals who were featured in the clip using their powers. While Ikaris resembles the powers of Superman, we can clearly understand that Sersi can use her powers to convert the state of the things around her. This only gives us a mere idea of what we will get to witness in the movie.


The clip could be the very moment where we might witness a union between the characters. It appears that Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harrington, will also be an essential figure in this reunion. This clip only heightens the excitement fans have for the film. Eternals will release worldwide on November 5.

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