Why Kingo Dresses Up As Ikaris In The Eternals Bollywood Dance Number

All throughout the promotion of Eternals, we got to see Kingo shooting for a Bollywood dance number. Apparently, the character is a Bollywood star in the new movie. He is wearing an Ikaris costume and dancing seamlessly in the night. Weaving his own, melody with his heroines. It had perplexed fans for quite some time. But now we know why Kingo dresses up as Ikaris in the Eternals Bollywood Dance Number. Read on to find out for yourself…

The real interesting part about Kumail Nanjiani’s character is that unlike other Eternals he does not stay away from the humans. This is a true Diva who cannot be bogged down by his family. He doesn’t want to hide and fade away into obscurity. Kingo wants to be the center of attention. He wants to be able to dance and express himself and that is exactly what he does.


Nate Morre explains the Bollywood song in this film to Screenrant:

We like the notion of finding Kingo doing what he does best, which is act, so when we first meet him in the present day, you see a Bollywood performance – and Bollywood means a lot of different things to different people, but they’re just some ideas of how we can express that and bring – and truly bring Bollywood and not Hollywood version of Bollywood to people, and find again, people who make up Bollywood movies and have them consult and talk about how they would shoot things, how they would do things.”


Eternals Bollywood Dance Number

The Eternals Bollywood dance number is an ode to the world of Bollywood itself. It is admirable that the team decided to get in touch with Bollywood filmmakers to retain the authenticity of the sequence. Kumail Nanjiani must have enjoyed the footage. But the producer did say something more than just the song. If you notice carefully in the small snippets we do have from the trailer footage, you will notice that the costume Kumail is wearing is pretty similar to Ikaris’.

There is a reason for this. Nate Moore was also asked the same thing and he said that Kingo might be a fan of Ikaris or he may be playing Ikaris. So I guess we would just have to find out by watching the movie. It is hilarious that the MCU even accomplished to inculcate one of their heroes in a Bollywood dance number. The team must have surely chuckled, at first. It is an absurd idea. But I suppose the producer and the director have a vision.


There was also a hint from Moore about the relationship between Ikaris and Kingo. It seems that Kingo actually adores Ikaris and uses humor to defer freaking out, or so is the implication. One thing is for sure, we will get to see a very interesting dynamic between Kumail Nanjiani and Richard Madden, and with Marvel’s quip-based writing the real comedian in Kingo will come put. We can’t wait to see this movie and determine whether all the hype is truly worth it. Can Marvel pull it off again? That is the real question.


Why Kingo Dresses Up As Ikaris

It truly seems like they have put a lot of effort and star power behind this movie. The reason may be that Eternals may become the backbone of the best major arc. We are going to have 10 new superheroes in the MCU now. Although they may not be your normal kind of mortal beings, they are still fighting against forces of equal might. The Eternals are coming to the MCU and there is nothing we can do to stop them. It is quite impossible to have this much hype, but like always we are onboard the train Marvel, do not disappoint us.


Why Kingo Dresses up as Ikaris in Eternals Bollywood dance number? It is because Marvel likes to have fun. They aren’t just poking fun at Bollywood… They are embracing it like they have embraced all other movie-making traditions. This is what MCU does best. Take well-established tropes and execute them with perfection. I suppose you can even say that there is no one else who can do the formula this well. Right?

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