20 Ways Fans Blamed The Batman For The Latest MCU Movie Delays

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has thrown a flurry of additional content at us over the last year. Their reasoning for this has been to make up for the delay caused by the pandemic. There is still another movie and another show to go before the end of the year. However, there’s a new MCU release schedule as Marvel has announced that they are going to be moving some future projects. Since DC released The Batman trailer and soon after that Marvel movies get delayed and now fans are blaming Batman movie for all the delays. Check out the fan reactions where they blamed The Batman for the latest MCU movie delays:

1. No Marvel!


2. True!!

3. Wait, What!


4. Noo!!

5. OMG!!


6. Yes!!

7. No It’s Not!

8. For Better!!


9. Crazy People!!

10. Totally!!

11. What If?


12. The Power!!

13. Aggressive!!


14. Damn!!

15. Evil!!

16. Haha!!


17. Oh No!!

18. Crazy!!


19. Oops!!

20. Woah!

What were your thoughts after the latest MCU movie delays? Let us know.

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