10 Greatest Alien Technologies From The Movies You Wish Were Real

Behold the power form another world!

Greatest Alien Technologies:

The Universe is filled with deep, dark secrets. There might be alien worlds out there and there is a high chance that some of them might have even surpassed us in many fields. What if one such alien civilization decides to pay Earth a ‘friendly’ visit? What can we expect to encounter? More importantly, what technologies would they possess?? The movies give us quite a glimpse at some possible answers.

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 1. Borg Assimilation Tubules – Star Trek

Greatest Alien Technologies

In the Star Trek Universe, there exist a lot of alien civilizations that are yet to be contacted by the Galactic Federation. One of the Civilizations that the Federation regretted ever making contact with is the Borg, a race of organic-machine hybrids that thrived and prided themselves on their cyborg heritage. Their goal was to convert every sentient beings in the universe into a Borg. One of their greatest weapons was the Borg Assimilation Tube. The Borg did not believe in killing their enemies. Since their enemies were living, walking soldiers with enough organic material to create a Borg out of, why waste a perfectly good specimen by killing him if you can assimilate them. The Borg Assimilation Tube, when injected into a sentient life form, will slowly turn into a cyborg and become a subject of the Borg Empire.

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 2. The Breach – Pacific Rim

Greatest Alien Technologies

At first glance, the Breach in the Pacific Rim movie may not sound as spectacular. We would like to say that the Breach is basically a worm-hole. In the history of space exploration, no country has ever managed to even prove that worm-holes exist. A worm-hole allows an object to travel from Point A in space to point B regardless of the distance and space, instantaneously by bending the space-time continuum. The Breach is not just a worm-hole. It allows living organisms that are as huge as a city to travel from the alien homeworld to Earth. That is a pretty scary technology to possess. Imagine if we could literally transport an entire city to Mars by opening a Breach like in the Pacific Rim.

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 3. Koros-Strohna – Star Wars

Greatest Alien Technologies

The Koros-Strohna is the world hips used by the Yuuzhan Vong, a race that wanted to conquer the Galactic Republic and came from a region of space outside the Galaxy far, far away. Koros-Strohna is actually a living organism. It is a sentient species that allows millions for Yuuzhan Vong to live within it. The Koros-Strohna provides food and water to the Vong like a tree and even has symbiotic relationships with native species found in the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld that can also act as weapon systems. For propulsion, the Koros-Strohna uses a rare species that can manipulate gravity wells. As a weapon of mass destruction, the same species could be planted on a planet where it would attract a nearby moon and would destroy that world.

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 4. Gort – The Day the Earth Stood Still

Greatest Alien Technologies

Not much is known about the mysterious robot called Gort that appeared with Klaatu when he landed on Earth in the 2008 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Klaatu never really explained the purpose of Gort or what it was capable if. Gort was the name given to the robot by humans. GORT stands for Genetically Organized Robotic Technology. We only come to know later that Gort is actually composed of trillions of self-replicating nano drones. These nano drones are like robots that will eat any matter – be it organic or inorganic, leaving nothing it is the wake. Not even a thermonuclear explosion can stop these nano drones. If even one of the nano drones survives, it can replicate itself again and make an entire army out of scratch. That is a very creepy way of cleansing a planet.

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 5. The Predator Suit – The Predator

Greatest Alien Technologies

This list would not have been complete without the Predator Suit. A very legendary piece of technology, the Predator Suit was first shown in the 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead protagonist hunting down an almost nigh-invincible alien hunter deep in a rainforest. The Predator wore the Predator suit which housed several formidable types of technology like Camouflage and laser triangulation. It housed an in-built computer and even a shoulder-mounted laser cannon. By the looks of it, the suit even had an infinite power source. But the most interesting part of the suit was the amount of weaponry it could house. It was a wonder how Arnold’s character managed to best the beast.

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 6. Nano-laminate armor – Halo: Forward unto Dawn

Greatest Alien Technologies

The Nano-laminate armor is found covering the Covenant Warships and the Sangheili Combat Gear in Halo: Forward unto Dawn. The armor is the primary source of defense after the Shielding technology used by the Covenant for various reasons. The armor can tolerate temperatures of up to seventeen hundred degrees although the actual tolerance level may be way higher. It can easily withstand attacks from UNSC Archer Missiles and even nuclear charges have next to no effect on the Covenant Cruisers with nano-laminate armor. The only thing that can pierce the Nano-Laminate armor is a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon that can throw rounds at a fraction of the speed of light. Even still, it takes two rounds from the MAC to hit the same spot to pierce that armor plating.

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 7. Mech Prawn – District 9

Greatest Alien Technologies
Greatest Alien Technologies

The Mech Prawn was used by the alien species in District 9 to help in either construction, repair or in the battlefield. The Mech prawn has a cockpit equipped with an in-built AI system that allows the pilot of the suit to use various weapons systems within the suit. The suit has an ARC cannon that can instantly vaporize matter. It has a machine gun that can fire projectiles at a rate unseen in the history of mankind. It also has an exploding spike defense. If an enemy gets too near the armor, the Mech Prawn can launch several spikes from its body that will pierce the enemy and place micro-explosives within the person, eventually making the guy explode. The suit also has guided missiles on its back. It is an entire army packed into one high tech combat harness.

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 8. Slipsace Engine – Halo: Forward unto Dawn

Greatest Alien Technologies

In the Universe of Halo, Slip-Space is a sub-space, an extra-dimensional plane embedded deep within the vacuum of space that allowed for interstellar travel. Ships in Slip-Space do not follow the general laws of physics so Einstein’s theory of relativity that stops any object from exceeding the speed of light does not apply here. In the Halo series, the humans already have Slip space-Technology. But the Covenant has an understanding of Slip-Space technology that far exceeds that of the UNSC. Where the human Slip-Space drive punches a hole in deep space to let the ship into Slip Space, the Covenant Borer technology creates a surgical cut and expands it, allowing for smoother transitions. Covenant jumps are faster and can traverse the same distance that a UNSC ship takes days using Slip Space tech, in mere minutes.

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 9. The Omega – Edge of Tomorrow

Greatest Alien Technologies
Greatest Alien Technologies

In the Edge of tomorrow movie, Omega was the leader of the Mimics, the alien race that is on the verge of successfully invading Earth. Like the one that governs the hive-like mentality of all the creatures that form the Mimic race, the Omega is their supreme leader and is responsible for all their actions. But the Omega’s ability to control time is their greatest weapon. If a military campaign fails, the Omega can just rewind time and re-do the whole thing over and over again until he gets it right. The ability to control time is very powerful and that allows the Omega to play God.

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 10. Krenim Time Ship – Star Trek

Greatest Alien Technologies

The Krenim Time Ship is literally powered by time. Within its core, the Krenim Time Ship houses a temporal core that generates energy by tapping into the time-stream. It uses that energy to speed up or slow down time and thus successfully achieve faster than light travel. The Krenim Time Ship is also the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It can use its temporal core to launch a beam which when strikes a planet, completely erases it out of existence. It can eliminate entire star systems by using the power of time and removing them from the pages of history!!

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