Marvel Recreates The Iconic Hulk and Thor Scene With Hulk and Ikaris

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has some rather interesting fun moments that are rather delightful to watch. Even the first team-up of the superheroes in The Avengers has some rather interesting funny moments that made the movie even more enjoyable. Often the comics tend to point at some of the events from the movie and vice-versa making the entire thing quite meta. There has been quite an excitement about when the recently introduced MCU characters Eternals might meet the other heroes. It is not known when the Eternals will meet the Avengers in the MCU but Marvel has recreated the iconic Hulk and Thor scene by adding Ikaris into it.

Thor & Hulk From The Avengers

One of the most exciting moments from 2012’s The Avengers has to be the fight between Thor and Hulk in the Helicarrier. The scene sees Loki’s intentions come true as we witnessed Bruce Banner lose control and become the green giant. He then wreaks havoc inside the Helicarrier trying to catch Black Widow until Thor comes up to stop him. This turns into an interesting battle between the two that sees some major damage to both the characters. But it ends with Hulk falling back to Earth as Bruce Banner.


Iconic Hulk and Thor Scene

But that’s not all as later when he reunites with the rest of the Avengers he becomes Hulk again but this time with a little bit of control in himself. In what has to be one of the coolest moments from the battle we see Hulk and Thor team up and crash the leviathan into the Grand Central station. As the two heroes stand up after doing this incredible feat, Hulk hints that he still has some of the rages from the past fight between them. He punches Thor off the screen and it made for one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie.


Marvel Comics Recreate This Scene

In Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #5, we witness a team-up between Spider-Man, Hulk, and Ikaris as they lead a final attack against Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. Created by Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frank D’Armata, the narrative explores as Karnilla gains the powers of the Matrix Stone. Karnilla enrages the Hulk by calling him a “thing” and this follows with the Avenger attacking her. Though he is no match for the villain as she isn’t defeated by his attacks even with the added heat blasts from Ikaris.   


As both Ikaris and Hulk don’t relent in their repeated attacks they still fail to defeat her after a lot of attacks. But finally, Spider-Man and Black Cat use the Norns to call Odin who comes in and plucks the stone from her head and destroys it. This is what finally ends up defeating her and the heroes succeed in stopping her. With the leftover rage from the fight, Hulk gives a fist bump to Ikaris but it is absolutely similar to the bump he gave Thor in The Avengers. Ikaris doesn’t seem to be very upset with the attack as he quickly recovers similar to Thor in the movie. It is actually quite exciting considering the Hulk even hinted at the punch when they were both attacking Karnilla.


Iconic Hulk and Thor Scene

This makes for a fun reference to the epic 2012 Marvel Cinematic Reference movie scene. Fans had been talking about this scene ever since the movie came out along with various other scenes (the puny god scene). But there was another major reference to this scene with a slightly different outcome. Marvel’s Animated TV series, Avengers Assemble recreated this scene as Hulk and Thor are seen standing side by side once again. But this time when Hulk strikes Thor, the latter blocks it with his hammer instead. As Hulk looks over to see what happened, Thor looks back at him with a smirk.


We don’t know when we will get another such iconic moment from Thor and Hulk in the MCU after the duo appeared in Thor: Ragnarok. Thor will be seen in another MCU project with Thor: Love & Thunder, which is set to come out on 8 July 2022.

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