6 Best Spells of Doctor Strange That Don’t Need The Time Stone

Doctor Strange is gonna face some serious opposition in the upcoming sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The character has proven his worth multiple times in the MCU over various appearances and it is fairly obvious that he can stand on his own. But things have changed for the character as he is not even the Sorcerer Supreme anymore because of a technicality related to the blip. Another significant reason is the absence of the Time Stone which played a massive role in the narrative of the character in fighting certain villains. This was seen in the case of Dormammu as Strange defeats this villain from the Dark realm by using the Time Stone. But with the absence of the Time Stone, Strange has to resort to other means that involve him to use some of the other spells. Let’s take a look at all the best spells of Doctor Strange which don’t require the Time Stone.

Portal Generation

Generating Portals is the very first power that we have seen Strange learn to use. He has mastered it and this has come to use various times in the narrative of MCU. While most of the other beings might end up requiring the Space Stone to teleport to other places, the same cannot be said about Strange. This has been of maximum help to the heroes of MCU over the years. We saw the portals being used in order to bring the heroes from all across the universe to fight Thanos and his army in Avengers: Endgame. This portal can also be used to kill an enemy as when they are made on some people they end up slicing them up as was seen in the case of Cull Obsidian.


Mirror Dimension

The most visually stunning spell of Strange has to be the one where he takes you to the mirror dimension. A mirror dimension is a place where the person taking you there is actually the god. It can be a terrible prison if you are left stranded here. Plus, if you have a Sling Ring, you are basically the only one with the most power. This ability that allows you to go absolutely crazy with reality might come in handy for the wizard.



Best Spells of Doctor Strange

Some of the most interesting spells from Doctor Strange came to use when we saw him in a battle. The character brought his best spells in order to defeat the Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War. One of the most awesome moments was when Strange created duplicates of him so that Thanos cannot figure out whom to fight. These clones actually mimic certain moves of the character and this gives some serious advantage to the wizard. This spell actually comes to use in the fight with Thanos as he is left confused about Strange. The only possible way to fight this spell is using an are of effective attack like Thanos did with the Power Stone.


Elemental Transmutation

This is a rather essential spell and it should be depicted more in the movies. Based on Eternals, we can say this might actually be one of the best spells that can come in handy to the Avenger. Strange actually used this only once against an enemy when fighting with Thanos. Other times it has been used for minimal purposes, like a pint of beer appearing for Thor and getting refilled like magic. The most stunning moment was when Strange turned Thanos’ attacks into a pack of butterflies. Sersi has this power and she took it to some serious levels in the movie. We would certainly want to see Strange use this power more in the future of the MCU against some of the other enemies.


Chasm Tendrils

Another interesting spell that fans might have noticed Strange use, has to be the Chasm Tendrils in Endgame. During the final battle, we saw him use this to defeat a swarm of enemies and it was actually effective. It could actually be one of the strongest spells that he can use during battle. Generally, we see, the spell opens up huge chasms right underneath the enemy and we see huge purple-colored tendrils of light appear out of them and catch the enemies and drag them to the ground. If this is taken to higher levels then we might see some more serious damage made using this spell.


Memory Manipulation

Best Spells of Doctor Strange

Who can forget the spell that caused all the chaos in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Strange seems to have used this spell before too and based on its effects we can say that it is a rather powerful spell for Strange to be using. While we surely won’t see him playing around with it anymore, it would be interesting to see him resort to this in Multiverse of Madness.

So these were the best spells of Doctor Strange according to us. Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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