Game of Thrones: 10 Moments Where Fans Wanted a Hot “Make-Out” Between Dany and Jon

Since a long time now Game of Thrones fans have been shipping a forbidden relationship and have been waiting for them to get together. Jon Snow and Daenerys are nephew and aunt but people just can’t stop shipping them. Seeing that this is ‘game of thrones’ it is possible that this might happen soon as incest is a normal thing on this show. Even though we feel a bit guilty to ship this relationship we cannot stop ourselves and the show is not making this any easier too. Let’s take a look at all those times when we just couldn’t help shipping Jon and Dany!


All of us have seen some pictures of Emilia Clark and Kit Harrington from a Rolling Stones photoshoot. The photoshoot happened much before anyone was shipping Jon and Dany and that is what is amazing about it. The chemistry between Kit and Emilia was great and left us wanting more. They even had a kissing picture which made them look like two people madly in love.

9. When Jon sets foot in Dragonstone:

The best thing the 7th season of Game of Thrones has given us is probably Jon and Dany meeting finally. The moment Jon set foot in Dragonstone on Dany’s orders we just couldn’t help imagining when they would get together and possibly fall in love. That scene definitely gave us all chills.

8. When they come face to face for the 1st time:

The moment Jon and Dany set eyes on each other, there is a tension in the room. Dany wants him to know her dominance and queen status whereas Jon is just clueless. This left us cheering for them to get together. It was an important scene and we could feel the sexual tension between them.

7. When Dany asks Jon’s view:

Before Dany was about to attack the Lannister army with the help of her dragons, she asks Jon what he thinks about the idea. Jon is honest with her and is not intimidated by her queen status which surely impresses Dany. It was a precious moment as Dany really wanted to know what he thought about her actions.

6. When Davos mocks Jon:

There is a scene in Game of Thrones when Sir Davos mocks Jon for staring at Dany suggesting that he was checking her out. Jon seemed embarrassed and said that he thinks Dany has a big heart which is a weird statement to say about a person you have met a few days ago.

5. When Dany and Tyrion discuss Jon:

So Tyrion tells Dany that he thinks that Jon has fallen in love with her to which Dany replies that it is a ridiculous idea and that he is not her type. It is true that Dany’s previous lovers have been much more muscular or at least taller than Jon but the fact that she puts in the effort to explain why Jon is not her type is just weird. It almost makes us wonder whether she is just trying to find reasons not to fall for Jon when she already has.

4. The Cave:

If you love Jon Snow then you would know how caves hold great importance in his sex life. You must surely remember the scene with him and Ygritte enjoying each other’s company in that cave. Dany and Jon also had a great cave scene when he took her to show the drawings made by the children of the forest. The scene was very romantic even when it wasn’t intended to be.

3. “I will fight for you”- Dany:

In the cave, Jon convinces Dany that the threat of the white walkers is real and they need to unite against it. Dany says that she will fight for him and the north if he bends the knee. The moment gave us chills and we just shipped these two even harder. They bicker and argue and Dany is stubborn but they still seem perfect. They really are ice and fire and we need them to be together!

2. “I’ve grown used to him”:

This scene was so intense and we could just see the love and concern in Dany’s eyes. When Jon says that if doesn’t return she won’t have to deal with him anymore to which she replies that she has grown used to him! This was just an amazingly romantic moment and we loved every bit of it.

 1. When he touched Drogon!

Game of Thrones:10 Moments When We Couldn’t Help Shipping Jon And Dany!

This was such a breathtaking scene when Jon touches Drogon and Dany is trying to see what is happening. The scene was a hint to Dany that Jon is actually her kin but if maybe she needs more proof. The scene in Game of Thrones was terrifying and romantic at the same time and so was the conversation they had after that.

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