20 Crazy Boycott WB Reactions of Angry DC Fans

Warner Brothers Studio is one of the biggest film studio divisions from all over the world. DC comics is been represented by WB studio and you all will agree on how less of a job they’re doing by not giving freedom to DC to diversify. The moment studio removed Ray Fisher from The Flash and Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beast 3, fans are upset about that and right now Twitter is trending with #boycottWB. Check out these crazy Boycott WB reactions of angry DC fans:

1. Rightfully Deserved!


2. Sure!!

3.  Totally!


4. Stupid!

5. Let’s Go!!


6. LOL!!

7. That’s Right!!


8. Shitty Justice League!

9. BoycottWB!


10. Seriously!

11. That’s All!!


12. True!!

13. Okay!!


14. Literally!!

15. Exactly!


16. Absolutely!

17. Cruel!


18. Comic Version is Much Better!

19. Garbage!


20. Fixed It!

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