Chris Evans is the Cameo King of 2021, Taking The Title From Matt Damon

Cameos have become a much-celebrated thing in the entertainment industry and they add to the viewing experience for the audience. Celebrity cameos are often added for fun by the directors and it generally involves a certain pop culture reference so that the fans can enjoy the content. There are many cameos like this in some of the major franchises that tend to reference some of the events of the past movies of the franchise. Matt Damon is known for his cameos and over the years fans have gotten to see the actor appear in some major projects. But 2021 hardly saw much of the actor as other projects saw some rather exciting cameos with relevant pop culture references. Chris Evans is surely the Cameo King of 2021 as he beats Matt Damon after having a couple of exciting appearances in two movies.

Matt Damon Cameos

Matt Damon is a reputable actor who has had various franchises of his own over the years and that has only helped him in gaining mainstream popularity. The actor has appeared in various projects over the years and has also been part of some of the most critically acclaimed movies. He has even won the Oscar for being the co-writer of Good Will Hunting along with Ben Affleck. This year he was again the co-writer for Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel and he also played one of the lead roles in the movie and it has received critical acclaim.


Even though the actor has had many cameos in the past he came under much notice quite recently with his surprise appearances in some big commercial projects. The actor appeared as hillbilly Dickie Greenleaf for a very short cameo in Deadpool 2 and then he even appeared as an actor playing Loki in Thor: Ragnarok. This was actually a nod to the actor previously having played Loki in Kevin Smith’s religious satire Dogma. There are various cameos that the actor has made in his friend Steven Soderbergh’s movies like Unsane.

Spoilers for Netflix’s Don’t Look Up follow.

Chris Evans: The Cameo King of 2021

Chris Evans has been on the top for a while as he was one of the major actors as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor retired from the role following his final appearance in Avengers: Endgame. There is a lot that the actor has managed to prove himself as being worthy of with his turn as the villain in Knives Out. The actor made two major cameo appearances this year with the Ryan Reynolds game adventure Free Guy, and Adam McKay’s big satire, Don’t Look Up. Free Guy actually had a nod to his role of Captain America as he is seen reacting to Guy wielding the Captain America shield during a fight.


Cameo King of 2021

It seems that his cameo in Don’t Look Up wasn’t much far off as he is seen as the hero of an Armageddon-like action film that seems to be a fun nod to the events of the movie itself. These two ensured that the actor really nailed his screen presence this year. Matt Damon also had a cameo in a movie this year as Mr. Big in the Steven Soderbergh directed No Sudden Move. Even though the movie was critically acclaimed, it did not have the same popularity as Free Guy and Don’t Look Now.


Matt Damon might be the King of Cameos in general but the same cannot be said about the actor for the year 2021 as Chris Evans surely has the audience hooked to his cameos. But all hope’s not gone for the actor as based on set photos it has been determined that he will be playing his role as the actor who plays Loki again in the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder. It is rather funny considering Chris Evans also had a cameo in Thor: The Dark World when Loki takes his form while making fun of Thor’s Avengers friends.


Thor: The Dark World will be released in theatres worldwide on 8 July 2022.

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