Why Ryan Reynolds Might Find Things Difficult in Hollywood After Red Notice

Red Notice was actually one of the most bizarre movies that actually ended up making quite a surprising profit. It has become the most-watched Netflix movie on the very day of its debut. The movie is an absolute crowd pleaser and people jumped in to watch it just for the sake of star power that it featured. This might be another evidence of the fact that the audience jumps in for these movies merely because of the stars and not the narrative. While this might be quite a successful move to make money, the studio is actually failing to heed to the talent of these stars. Ryan Reynolds might have pleased the audience with Red Notice but this might actually raise a major issue going ahead compared to Dwayne Johnson

Red Notice

With all the comedy and the adventure that the movie had to offer, it actually ended up being a rather poor movie overall. The story of the movie goes as Dwayne Johnson’s John Hartley goes on a mission with Interpol in order to catch world-renowned thief, Ryan Reynolds’ Nolan Booth. They decide to team up to catch the best thief in the world, Gal Gadot’s The Bishop after the latter manages to fool the duo. This then leads to some bonkers stories involving heists and treasure hunts that often end up quite similar to the Indiana Jones movies.


It is absolutely surprising how the movie ended up topping Netflix’s list of most-watched films. The movie received the absolute worst in terms of the reviews and in the right sense, the movie absolutely sucks. With a lot of silly jokes and over-the-top action, the movie fails to deliver something that might have actually made it a larger success. Ryan Reynolds is a rather successful actor and his range could have been used in a much better way instead of relying on the idea of entertainment. This only goes to prove that much like Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds might also be heading towards poor cinematic ventures.


Heavy Reliance On Ryan Reynolds & Dwayne Johnson’s Usual Characters

One of the biggest selling points for the movie was the idea of having two major stars as lead characters in the movie. This was hyped up to such levels that the narrative didn’t even seem to have any significance at all. Now that’s that was needed to ruin the chances for the actors to make their mark and they were instead made to go for their stereotypical comedic roles. Even the characters of these actors are hardly given any proper arc as Nolan Booth seems to be an absolute joke. The only star given a proper arc is that of Gal Gadot and yet she also proves to be just something of a name in the movie.


The Ryan Reynolds Formula

This is a clear indication the Ryan Reynolds formula is getting used again and again and he becomes the same guy in all his movies. The actor has some great performances in his resume and those performances actually proved that he is a lot more than he looks. But Hollywood doesn’t seem to be interested in any of that and they rather want to work on the Deadpool persona we have seen over the years.


There is very little chance for the actor to veer off from these roles because it seems that the upcoming projects might have a somewhat similar tone. The upcoming Spirited will again be a comedy and we will see him next to Will Ferell in what is definitely going to be another comedic venture. He will also be reprising his role as Wade Wilson, of which most of his characters nowadays seem to be inspired, in the upcoming third addition to the Deadpool franchise in the MCU.


But there is one exciting project the Free Guy actor is going to appear in that might give him some chance to steer away from his usual narratives. The Adam Project has been hinted to be a rather interesting sci-fi venture that will see a man played by Reynolds going to the past to get help from his 13-year-old-self. We can already see a fairly interesting storyline that will allow the start to actually prove his worth instead of continuing on his comedic personas.

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