Loki Kills Thor and Chains His New Hammer in Marvel’s Fresh Start Initiative

As a comic reader must know, recent years have been quite difficult for our God of Thunder. Thor has recently become unworthy for Mjolnir in the Marvel comic multiverse and it is from this unworthiness that numerous interesting stories have stemmed from in the recent history of the Marvel comic verse. Let’s start with the first fact. When Thor became unworthy of wielding the Mjolnir in the Marvel comic multiverse he not only lost his signature weapon but he also lost his title of Thor and his Thunder powers. The man was now simply known as Odinson and someone else took up the mantle of Thor, the God of Thunder in the Marvel comic multiverse. The person who took Thor’s hammer also took over his mantle and was christened as the new Goddess of Thunder.

Yes, you read that right the person who replaced Odinson as Thor, the God of Thunder was, in fact, a woman. Moreover, it was none other than Jane Foster herself who took up the responsibility of wielding the Mjolnir while she was recovering from terminal cancer in the infirmary of Asgard.

The earth woman absorbed the powers conferred upon her by the mystical hammer forged in the heart of a dying star and she lived up to its expectations. The nine realms need a Thor and Jane Foster was the successor to Odinson’s powers, she fulfilled her duty well.

Loki Kills Thor Marvel's Fresh Start Initiative

She even died fulfilling the duty of Thor when Mangog (The cumulative spirit of all the fallen enemies of Asgard) attacked Asgard and Foster had to kill him by chaining him down and flinging the monster into the sun along with Mjolnir. The result was the death of Jane Foster as she turned back into human form and succumbed to her wounds and the permanent destruction of Mjolnir.

As sad as this was, the fans could not help but wonder what weapon would now replace Odinson’s iconic hammer that has become a staple of comic history. The hero carried Jarnbjorn (The legendary axe) for a long time and was even offered the Stormbreaker by Beta Ray Bill (Which Odinson refused).

Odinson even went on a crusade to look for Mjolnir from an alternate dimension but to no avail. The hero has since been blessed with an arsenal of mystic weapons from the dwarf smiths at Nidavellir (The forge of the Gods) but none have been able to replace Mjolnir.

Recently Loki and Thor teamed up to battle the armies of Helheim in the comics when Sindr went crazy with his accumulated might in the realm. The result was Odinson (Equipped with his new double-edged axe hammer) and Loki heading into Hel itself to fend off its armies.

During this time Loki appears to have murdered Odinson, but in reality, it’s a spell to keep him near death so the former God of Thunder can gain entry in Valhalla and enlist the Valkyrie’s to his cause. During this time, Loki is trying to get Odinson back from the realm of the dead and he chains up Thor’s new hammer and throws it directly from Hel right into Valhalla.

During this incredible feat, Loki dubs the new weapon Hel-bringer and chains the weapon with his magic before flinging it from the depths of Hel to the hall of heroes in Valhalla where Odinson awaits its arrival.

It’s crazy how long the writers have taken to set it up but it seems Thor has finally received a new weapon that is here to stay. The power of Hel-bringer seems legitimate and now it has substantial lore attached to it, with Loki naming it and all. With Marvel’s fresh start initiative on the books, it seems rather apparent that Odinson will be able to recoup his former glory with this new weapon aptly dubbed as Hel-bringer.

Do you think that Loki was correct in naming the weapon as he did and do you think there’s any chance of the Hel-bringer staying for as long as Mjolnir had? The deep-seated lore of Thor’s weapons has been legendary in comics and it would be amazing to see a proper transition. What do you think? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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