Doctor Strange 2 is Going to be Marvel’s Next Civil War Level Crossover

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover:

With the Multiverse coming into play, Doctor Strange 2 becomes the most important movie of the entire Phase 4. People may be much more excited about Thor: Love And Thunder, but Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be much bigger than we could even imagine! At least that’s what the new plot leak of the movie enunciates.

Doctor Strange 2 Marvel’s Next Civil War Crossover

The following plot leak features some insane & bold pointers that actually do make sense. So, let’s just check out everything that appeared on Reddit as a part of a plot leak:

  • Film will indeed be a horror film. Scott pitched the first one as horror but Disney wanted to play it safe for Stephen’s first outing. Now that he is an established character, Marvel is ready to take a risk.

  • As confirmed in SDCC, it will be PG-13.

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

  • It will indeed be a direct tie-in to WandaVision. Wanda will go insane after the events of the series and splits open the multiverse. Stephen is torn between killing her or trying to redeem her since he knows she is a good person deep down. He will also need to find a way to repair the shattered multiverse before everything goes to shit. Wanda will get a brand new look in this movie that is scary and will highlight the “witch” part of her character. It will include the crown. I’m also hearing her hair will be black. I think we’re getting a Gothic Wanda.

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

  • Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, and Jimmy Woo will be a part of the movie as well. People have been speculating how Monica gets powers in the MCU. Monica will get killed in WandaVision, but Stephen enters a universe where Maria Rambeau gets blasted by the Space Stone instead of Carol Danvers. Maria was pregnant at the time (she didn’t know), and Monica inherited her mother’s powers and became Photon when she grew up.

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

  • New characters include Clea, a seasoned sorcerer from the Hong Kong Sanctum that Stephen falls in love with. Jericho Drumm, a necromancer from the London Sanctum whose parents were evil voodooists. Returning is Wong, the Ancient One, and Christine.


  • The main villains will be Nightmare, an interdimensional demon who feeds on people’s fears. He is eating at Wanda, influencing her terror and making her go insane. Agatha Harkness, a disciple for Nightmare who is proficient in witchcraft. And Shuma Gorath, a big eyeball.

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

  • Whoever ends up playing Wiccan from WandaVision will also be in the movie, assisting Doctor Strange.

  • Marvel Zombies will play a big part in the movie, and Stephen will spend some time there trying to find a McGuffin. We will see Zombie Cap, Zombie Iron Man, and a Zombie Doctor Strange. The sorcerers will battle a Zombie Hulk. The animated series What If…? will be a sequel of sorts to MoM. Alternate timelines we see here will be fully explored in the show.

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

What this plot leak doesn’t include is Quicksilver! The rumor of quicksilver has been running for quite a while and we do believe it to be true. Doctor Strange 2 is a movie about the Multiverse and that’s why anything could happen using the Infinite Earths concept.

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

This plot leak brings in so many characters. Along with Doctor Strange & Scarlet Witch we have Wiccan, Monica Rambeau as Photon, Clea, Voodoo & the sorcerers. Then we’re also talking about Quicksilver who could come in really handy because the ending would probably be a massive fight against Marvel Zombies!

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

Kevin Feige mentioned that he already has a crossover event and the roster of Avengers 5 ready in his mind. What if this is the plot of Doctor Strange 2? That would mean that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the giant crossover Kevin Feige was talking about. May has been the release month of a big team-up movie ever since 2015. 2020 had Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming in to continue that trend, but after James Gunn got fired, Marvel had no other choice but to release Black Widow on May 1.

Doctor Strange 2 Next Civil War Crossover

Phase 4 doesn’t have an Avengers movie, that doesn’t mean it won’t have a crossover event. With a massive plot like this that will possibly involve so many villains & heroes, Doctor Strange 2 is going to be Marvel’s next Civil War level Crossover!

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