16 Awesome Superhero Scenes That Were Filmed But Never Made It To The Theaters!!!

While Superhero movies come and go, there will always be moments that stood up and made their mark amongst a sea of them in Hollywood. Some iconic scenes of Marvel and DC movies stood the test of time. While the list of such scenes are possibly endless, that list could have been a little longer had the fans had their way. 16 Awesome Superhero scenes that were filmed but never made it to the theaters!!!

Justice League – Superman’s Black Suit

Everyone expected Clark Kent to go full evil in Justice League. Superman will be resurrected and go down the dark path after wearing the Black Superman suit. This theory stemmed from the Knightmare scene in BVS. It never happened.

Thor: Ragnarok – Homeless Odin

The scene where Odin breathes his last in a field probably somewhere around the Nordic Grasslands is actually doctored. Anthony Hopkins was seen filming around the streets of New York. But somehow, buildings were replaced with grass.

Civil War – Black Widow vs. Captain America

Civil War saw Black Widow join Tony Stark and then change sides at the final moment. What the fans wanted was a fist fight between the world’s two greatest close combat fighters. It’s a shame it never went down that way.

The Dark Knight Rises – Bane’s training regimen

Bruce had his fair share of training with the League of Shadows. Batman Begins did show us that. But what about Bane!!! He was trained by the League as well. Why wasn’t his transformation shown on screen?

Doctor Strange – Death of Strange’s sister

In the comic books, Strange becomes a doctor to save his own sister. He fails. He then loses his own motor functions and goes to Kamar Taj to learn magic. That plot device was never used in the movie.

Amazing Spiderman 2 – Norman Osborn’s head

The frozen head of Norman Osborn was shown at the end of the movie. While fans kept guessing whther this is how Green Goblin enters the scene, the movie series was closed down by the Studio.

Justice League – Martha-Lois Conversation

On International Women’s day, Snyder revealed a picture from a scene which involved Clark Kent’s two greatest lady inspirations, Martha Kent and Lois Lane talk it out in a heart to heart conversation. Maybe the Snyder Cut will give us a bit more insight. Speaking of which, #ReleasetheSnydercut!!!

Age of Ultron – Hulk fist pump

The Hulk actually did a Fist Pump in the movie. While the moment was indeed awesome, the scene was cut from the final cut of the movie since the Director could not find a way to justify it.

X-Men – Gambit cameo

The first X-Men movie had something pretty damn interesting up its sleeve. It was supposed to feature a kid that touches a ball which then explodes. That was Gambit. Too bad the X-Men: Origins version completely butchered the character.

Man of Steel – Little Clark shatters a hospital with his scream

Since Clark is a Kryptonian, even as a baby his strength level outclasses that of an Earthling. In Man of Steel, there was a scene that showed a baby Clark screaming so loud all the windows in the hospital shattered. This scene too didn’t make it to the movie.

Batman – Robin Cameo

In the classic 1989 movie, there is a chase scene where the Joker ends up blowing up some trapeze artists. The artist group we are talking about was called “The Flying Graysons.” Tim Burton cut this scene from the movie.

Logan – Return of Sabretooth

There was a scene that involved Logan and Laura meeting Sabretooth in a small gambling town. James Mangold confirmed it himself. We still don’t know if the character was played by Liev Schreiber or someone else altogether.

Green Lantern – Superman cameo

Marc Guggenheim, one of the writers of the script for the 2011 movie, said he personally wrote a scene where Clark Kent makes his cameo in the movie as a journalist. The scene was also filmed but for some reason, the movie did not show us anything.

Spiderman – Mechanical Webshooters

When David Koepp wrote the script for the movie, his earliest version of a story involved mechanical web shooters, not those flimsy organic web glands the movie featured.

BVS – Communion scene

This scene has been released online now. This scene involved a group of armed soldiers entering the Kryptonian mother ship to see Lex Luthor in a meditative state, talking to Steppenwolf.

The Incredible Hulk – Banner tries to shoot himself

In the 2008 movie, the opening scene involved Bruce Banner traveling to a secluded ice cap in the Arctic, pulling a gun out of his pants to shoot himself dead and finally transform into the Hulk to come back from the dead. The Avengers movie did reveal that Banner tried to end his life with a bullet to the head but “the other guy spit it out.” Was Banner referring to this particular scene?

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