20 Epic Fans Reactions To The Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer

After the teaser we got to see last week, Warner Bros. finally release the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. Fans of the wizarding world will get to have another chance to witness the magical things before Harry Potter came along. There are a lot of exciting things that we got to see in this trailer and this time around it seems that we will get a better look at Dumbledore and how his character became the way he is. Check out the epic reactions to The Secrets of Dumbledore trailer:

1. Awesome!!


2. Wet Grindelmads!

3. Haha!


4. So Hot!!

5. That’s Right!!


6. Huge Mistake!!

7. Totally!!


8. Furious Fans!!

9. She Is Back!!


10. Can’t Breathe!!

11. Absolutely!!


12. Wow!!

13. Amazing!!


14. Exactly!!

15. That’s Right!!


16. Literally!!

17. Haha!!


18. OMG!!

19. Losing Her Colors!!


20. What Do You Guys Think?

What were your reactions to The Secrets of Dumbledore trailer? Do you think it’ll be better than The Crimes of Grindelwald? Let us know.

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