10 Facts About Iron Man’s Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel is Hiding From You

There can only be one Iron Man but there are certainly a lot of Iron Man suits. As a man of science, Tony believes that there is no such thing as perfection. It is an illusion that enslaves lesser minds. He knows that to be near perfect, you need to be constantly evolving to new threats. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Whenever there was a necessity for a newer, better version of the classic Iron Man suit, he created one and discarded the latter like yesterday’s milk. Tony Stark has worn a number of suits over the years, but his most memorable suit of armour is definitely the Infinity War nano-tech suit. Tony really upped the ante by creating a suit that can heal itself and form around his body like a cocoon. It had a plethora of advanced technology never before seen in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there are some facts about this Bleeding Edge suit of Armour Marvel does not want you guys to know. Presenting – 10 Facts about Iron Man’s Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel is hiding from you!!

 10. It acts like an organ of Tony’s Body

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

The Bleeding Edge armour was created because the traditional Iron Man suit, despite all the technological advances, was still fundamentally flawed. The flaw was brought to light in Iron Man 3, when the Extremis empowered soldiers of A.I.M picked apart the Iron Man suit like a hot knife through butter. To counter that flaw, Tony Stark created the necessary nanotechnology required to make the Bleeding Edge armour. The armour acted like a conventional Iron Man suit of armour. But it also had none of the flaws of its predecessors. It was essentially a part of Tony Stark’s anatomy and was mostly like a human organ. If you cut up his skin, the nanotechnology could be seen underneath his skin layer. That meant that Tony actually was a super-human.

 9. It responded to mental commands

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

The suit of armour was so advanced that it did not need voice commands or even an Artificial Intelligence to help it realize what Tony wants. In Iron Man 1, and Iron Man 2, the suit was controlled by an A.I which anticipated all the actions that the suit was liable to perform. In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark used what looked like gestures to control the suit. But the Bleeding Edge armour bypassed that by directly linking itself with Tony Stark’s mind. Whatever he thought, the suit did. That is why the suit was able to make such wondrous weapons from scratch. Tony built their blueprints inside his mind on the go and instructed the suit to make those weapons out of the nano-bots.

 8. It could shape-shift

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

Morphing a part of the suit and fashioning it into dangerous energy based weapons of mass destruction is one thing. Using it to completely reconfigure the structure of the suit to literally produce anything is another. Tony Stark’s suit was called a miracle of engineering because it was so malleable it could give birth to anything using its own nanotechnology as the petri dish. If you have seen Big Hero 6, you know what nanotechnology is capable of. Given the fact that the suit is actually an enormous supply of nano-bots, the possibilities for Tony Stark are endless.

 7. It weighs just 25 pounds

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

The Bleeding Edge suit is not only resourceful but also very handy. The other Iron Man suits were so bulky and heavy because they had additional weaponry attached to them. Each extra set of weapon added a lot of weight to the armour. The heavier it was, the slower and more energy consuming it was, which also restricted mobility. The Infinity War suit used nanotechnology and did not need any additional weaponry as it could create them all itself. And since Tony Stark carried it everywhere stored inside his body, he had to make it lightweight. The entire suit weighs less than 25 pounds.

 6. It made him even smarter

Tony Stark is one of the smartest minds on the planet. His level of genius is something the Gods envy to their core. Tony’s understanding of various domains of science is so vast and deep that only a chosen few could understand his level of thinking. What happens when you take something that is already perfect and improve it? Tony Stark created the Bleeding Edge Armour not just to give himself a suit of armour that he could carry around but also to make himself super smart. The suit acts alike a supercomputer embedded inside Tony Stark’s skin and they enhance his neural functions by a factor of thousands. Tony Stark could multi-task so many functions on the go that it looks humanly impossible to do so.  It also gives him the ability to learn stuff that would have taken someone weeks or even months, in a matter of days or even hours.

 5. There are two layers of armour

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

There are two levels of armour that form around Tony Stark’s body when he goes full-on Iron Man mode. The primary musculature is the red and gold suit that protects him from damage when fighting the bad guys as Iron Man. But what happens when he is not in Iron Man mode? The Bleeding Edge armour is right inside Tony’s body so if someone managed to shoot him in the head, the armour looks pretty much useless, right? Wrong!!! When Tony is not in his armoured form, a secondary layer of musculature always covers his body and acts as a protective membrane that protects Tony Stark from external threats at all times.

 4. It can repair and heal itself like Wolverine

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

Logan has a healing factor that makes him unstoppable. Iron Man tried to replicate that power in his Bleeding Edge suit. The nanotechnology in the suit is able to reproduce and replace lost parts of the armour. And they can do it endlessly. We know that in Infinity War, Thanos managed to kick in the suit so many times that it lost its repair function. But in the comics, the suit is way more skillful in repairing and healing itself than the movies would have you believe. It is not as quick as Wolverine’s healing factor but they do the job in a matter of seconds.

 3. It gave him 360-degree vision

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

The A.I powered suits meant the A.I controlled all defenses within the suit and watching his rear. But it was not always effective. The A.I sometimes was never fast enough to counter an enemy attack. So Tony created an ingenious solution. He had the Bleeding Edge suit extra sets of eyeballs. The cameras were installed in several different points of the armour all around him and they gave him the 360-degree vision. Since the suit was connected to Tony via his mind and immediately responded to his mental commands, a panoramic view meant the delay factor was significantly reduced.

 2. Magneto cannot control it

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

No matter what the Iron Man throws at him, the mutant supervillain Magneto will always find a way around it since his power is literally the Kryptonite of Iron Man. Magneto’s ability to control magnetic fields means he could tear Iron Man’s suit apart bolt by bolt and there is nothing Tony could do about it. This became an issue when Iron Man realized that he would be facing magneto in a fight soon. To work around his ‘Kryptonite’, Tony Stark replaced the iron component in his suit with carbon nanotubes, a material twice as strong as Iron but is non-metallic in nature. Magneto was then a sitting duck in the ensuing fight since he could no longer control the suit.

 1. It cannot be used again once it is taken off

Iron Man Infinity War Bleeding Edge Armour Marvel

After Tony Stark realized that the Bleeding Edge armour was taking too much of a toll on his body he had the armour surgically removed from his body. It was an operation that was quite lengthy where the process involved cleansing his body out of all the nanoparticles in his bloodstream. After the Bleeding Edge armour was taken off, it was revealed that it was virtually inoperable since it needed a host to function and like any other body organ, once it is disconnected from the body it is virtually dead.

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