Hawkeye: What Is Eleanor Bishop Hiding?

We have already received the first two episodes of the Disney+ show Hawkeye surrounding the exploits of the titular Avenger. This is the first time that we are getting a project that is based on the narrative of the character of Hawkeye. A lot of new characters were introduced into the MCU along with the obvious addition of Kate Bishop. Kate Bishop might end up carrying the legacy of the character of Hawkeye in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a part of the character of Kate Bishop, we are also introduced to her mother Eleanor Bishop. While Kate Bishop was set up rather nicely in Hawkeye, Eleanor Bishop’s character is kept in the dark. Many people are actually asking What is Eleanor Bishop hiding.

Eleanor Bishop in Hawkeye

The very early villains in the first two episodes of Hawkeye mostly include the ‘Tracksuit Mafia‘, as named by Clint Barton, as they chase around Kate Bishop when she infiltrates their attack at the auction as Ronin. Later they are also responsible for burning down Kate Bishop’s house as they attack it after following her down. But things take a massive turn when we see her discover the dead body of Armand Duquesne at his own estate. This makes us realize that there is something larger at play along with the narrative of the mafia.


Eleanor Bishop has a very small role in the first two episodes but even through this small appearance, she is able to prove that she might be a rather important figure. She appears in the show at some of the most significant moments of the narrative which might mean that she has something playing around in the narrative. While the fans are pointing at Jack Duquesne for the murder of his uncle there is a chance that Eleanor might have a hand on this.


Eleanor Bishop In The Comics

What Is Eleanor Bishop Hiding

Eleanor Bishop has a massive history in the comics that might actually be explored in the Disney+ Hawkeye series. It won’t be a huge shock to see her come out as a villain in the series because something similar actually ends up happening in the comics. While the series shows that she survives the attacks during the New York Battle back in 2012 and her husband Derek Bishop dies, the exact opposite happens in the comics. Eleanor dies when Kate was rather young and this leads to Derek getting into business with some rather interesting villainous groups like the Masters of Evil West Coast.


Later in the comics, we discover that Eleanor had actually survived and ended up working with Madame Masque who was actually Kate’s nemesis. This led to the revelation that Eleanor might have actually been behind the plans regarding the attacks on Kate. The comics are yet to explore why she planned these attacks and this actually leaves the MCU with an opportunity to have their own take on the narrative of the character.


Eleanor Bishop’s Secrets In Hawkeye

From the very first time that we get to see Eleanor Bishop in the series, we are left wondering about her argument with Derek. It is clearly indicated that Kate has a stronger bond with her father instead of her mother and this is hardly allowed to grow. She even keeps her engagement with Jacques Duquesne from her own daughter and it is only revealed later when Armand tells Kate about it.


Another notable moment has to be when Kate finds Eleanor and Armand having an argument and as she later confronts her mother the latter hides something. The conversation reveals that there is a chance that Eleanor might have some powerful friends she might feel the requirement to use over time. We hear Armand mention that he has powerful friends too which means that Eleanor might have mentioned something similar before. While it is not revealed who these powerful friends might be we might get to witness their influence later in the series.


What Is Eleanor Bishop Hiding

While Jacques Duquesne has the benefit of killing his uncle, there is a chance that he is actually working with Eleanor. There is also a chance that the argument at the very beginning could actually have been due to some disagreement between Derek and Eleanor over some clients and she might have utilized the attack as an opportunity to get him killed. As the story navigates further we can be sure that there is a lot yet to be explored about Eleanor Bishop and she might actually end up being Madam Masque herself. This will be in continuation of the past trend of MCU where the parental figures end up being the villains of the narrative.

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