When The Next Trailer of No Way Home Could Arrive; New Image Released

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an unprecedented pace. Not only have we seen 25 movies in the franchise but it has also birthed countless TV shows and comics. The MCU even has a book about it now, which is certainly a first for a comic cinematic universe. But the most interesting thing happening in the MCU right now is Spider-Man: No Way Home. Along with plot leaks and other rumors, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next trailer of No Way Home.

The first trailer for the movie gave us a sneak peek into what we can expect. This trailer was released frighteningly close to the release date, further reinforcing the fact that Marvel wanted to keep things under wraps at all times. The next trailer or trailer 2 of No Way Home should be out soon and fans have been speculating as much. But reliable Twitter sources have something to tell us. And they are telling us to manage our expectations.


Take a look at this tweet by @WGreatPowerBook:

The user suggests that it is more likely that we receive more footage of Sony’s Morbius rather than a new trailer for No Way Home. He cites marketing as the reason for this. You see, SPUMC is an infant as compared to the MCU and if Sony wants to remain relevant then they must hitch a ride on Marvel’s back. So the Morbius footage will only be interesting if it ties in with No Way Home. Much like Venoms 2’s after-credits scene, we can expect to see some MCU or venom connection in Morbius. 


The Next Trailer of No Way Home

Another news about the next No Way Home trailer comes from @everythingCBM on Twitter. This account shared some snapshots from the latest issue of their magazine. These images seem to be from the movie itself. They showcase the fight sequences that we will see in the movie and give us a good look at Alfred Molina’s Doc Oc. We wonder why Marvel chose to not include these stills in the original trailer itself.


Take a look:

The CGI on those arms looks absolutely exquisite. Not to mention how surreal it is to see Doc Oc accosting the iron spider. We wonder how this fight will play out in the movie and where will be placed in the story. There is just so much going on in No Way Home. The more we read and research about it online, the more things we find. Often times it is something new that we have not heard before. For example, we had no idea that Sony could connect Morbius to the movie up until now. But if one knows the comics then one knows what is about to happen.


It is possible that during the events of No Way Home, venom may attach himself to Spider-Man for a short while, just enough to learn his abilities before going back to Eddie Brock. Another possibility is that this newly evolved form of the symbiote may attach itself to Morbius in the future. This is not just wild speculation on our part. There is a lot of comic precedents to support this. Venom always powers up after attaching to either of these characters and then returning to Eddie.

All things considered, the next Morbius trailer and Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s final trailer should arrive in November!


The Consequences

So the new trailer of No Way Home will arrive only after the Morbius footage because Sony wants to establish the ethos of their universe. It is no surprise that they started making a Morbius simultaneously. They must be planning to bring Venom into the fold in a future movie. Seeing how Venom has now become a part of No Way Home, it is entirely possible that the next No Way Home trailer may spoil the future of SPUMC.


Marvel and Sony need to be very careful to not step on each other’s toes at the moment. They need to prepare well and execute it with perfection to ensure a good cohesive story. Marvel is a master at such intricate storytelling. We only hope that Sony learns something from the experience. This is our analysis of the news and the tweets we have unearthed. But it is more important what you make of this news.

Let us know in the comments below if we missed something and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. EXCELSIOR!!!

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