The Problem With Taskmaster in Black Widow According To Comics

Black Widow was one of the most long-awaited movie projects from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was clearly because the movie that fans have wanted ever since Black Widow became an Avenger. There was a need to know more about her character that was hidden behind her mysterious personality. We had only been to explore hints of tidbits of her history in the various movies. It became fairly obvious to give her a solo venture after her demise in Avengers: Endgame. While Black Widow is not the perfect farewell but it has its moments and that’s probably sufficient. Marvel Comics indicated a possible mistake regarding Taskmaster in Black Widow. Read on to find out more about it.

Black Widow

Black Widow was the very first movie in the lineup for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It gave us the origin of the character of Black Widow and we have a clear understanding of why her persona is always shrouded in mystery. It was also able to introduce us to various new characters who will play rather essential roles in Phase 4 as well as the future of MCU. It most definitely wasn’t the best farewell to her character. The movie consisted of various moments that tried to justify how her characterization. There were many liberties that were taken by the movie and it is the reason behind some of the failures of the movie.


Taskmaster in Black Widow

The character of Taskmaster was rather underwhelming in its portrayal in the movie. Though there were fight sequences that gave us a clear idea about the powers of Taskmaster. These sequences gave us a hint at other characters of the Avengers, a clear example of Taskmaster’s abilities in replicating the fighting abilities of other people. But the character failed to reach the height it has in the comics and hence fans were rather displeased with it. It was supposed to be an exciting moment as a live-action depiction of this character but the character did not behave like Anthony Masters from Marvel Comis history at all.


Taskmaster in Comics

The comics recently showed a certain quality of Taskmaster that was entirely missing from Black Widow. This is from Miles Morales: Spider-Man #31 written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Christopher Allen and colors by Guru-eFX. Here we see Miles Morales recently surviving his own Clone Saga. He dons a costume that is entirely different from Peter Parker’s old suit. We also see him being unable to find enough time to go on a date with Starling. This time the date is interrupted by an arrow and it misses both the heroes. As he looks for the hero he asks for this person to show their face. Taskmaster says, “Okay…” from the top of a scaffold. “But it ain’t pretty.”


As the duo of heroes tries to avoid Taskmaster’s attack, they realize that the latter can mimic their moves with absolute precision. Taskmaster manages to have fun with them as both of them fail to catch him even with their agility. This ability to speak was missing in the depiction of the character from Black Widow. It could have benefitted the movie a lot but it left us with a less enjoyable rendition of the villain. 


Failure To Adapt

Taskmaster in Black Widow

Taunting the opponent during the fight sequence has always been quite an essential part of the villains and it only adds to the fun. The page-to-screen transition actually took away most of these characteristics of the character. The character of Anthony Masters was completely replaced and instead it was Antonia Dreykov, daughter of General Dreykov whose powers came from a computer chip that was implanted in her brain. As a result of this, she is hardly given a proper dialogue during her fights in the movie.


This depiction of Taskmaster in Black Widow was an absolute low point as it gave us a lesser-than-powerful villain. Taking liberties with the character failed to give the character a value that it had in being quite a memorable antagonist. Here’s hoping that the character returns in the future with a much more important strength than we have been able to witness so far. 


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