MCU Phase 4: Which Of The Avengers Can Lift Mjolnir?

Ever since Odin enchanted Mjolnir, there is a running gag on who can lift the hammer and who can not. Most of the Avengers of the Infinity Saga even tried to lift the hammer but nobody could. That was until Vision (Age Of Ultron) and Steve Rogers (Avengers: Endgame) finally did. Now as MCU enters its Phase 4, new characters will be introduced and the journey of some old characters will end. But we wanna ask – Which of the Avengers can lift Mjolnir?

Black Widow and Shang-Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings and 4 Disney+ shows have already come out. All these projects have introduced many new characters which are full of potential. With Chris Hemsworth’s Thor returning for one last movie, this is the best time to talk about who is worthy and who isn’t. The set photos have revealed that Mjolnir is going to return to the MCU and will be passed on to Jane Foster. But who, other than Jane, will be seen with the iconic Hammer?

Phase 4 – Which Of The Avengers Can Lift Mjolnir?


Among all his abilities, Doctor Strange does not possess the power of Thor. Strange may be the greatest Sorcerer supreme of all time but he was never deemed worthy by the hammer. Some might say that it is because of his gigantic ego or his irresponsible nature, but it is mere speculation. But, in the comics, Strange was able to pick up the hammer telekinetically but it took a lot of strength. And since he didn’t pick the hammer with his hands, it doesn’t count. With his sequel coming out next year, Marvel developers have great plans for him but we don’t think that wielding Mjolnir is one of them.

2. SHANG-CHI – No!

Which Of The Avengers Can Lift Mjolnir

The latest MCU movie introduced the world to their first Asian superhero, Shang-Chi. He is known for being the greatest Master of Kung-Fu and a fearless warrior. The movie featured him struggling with his issues as he tries to deem himself worthy of inheriting the Ten Rings from his father. the Rings may be strong but they do not have the powers of a God. Mjolnir is a much complex weapon and requires the greatest of wills. If the movie has shown us anything, it is that Shang-Chi was a weak-willed character. yet, the end of the movie stated otherwise. Still, he is a long way from wielding the strongest weapon in the MCU.


3. THOR – Yes!

Like you didn’t already know it! Thor was the owner of Mjolnir for around a thousand years. His special bond with the Hammer gave him the strength to take on the strongest beings from the galaxy. And when Hela broke Mjolnir to pieces, it was like a break-up for Thor. After that, his life pretty much went downhill. However, this didn’t make him any less worthy of wielding his weapon. When he called out for the hammer while travelling to the past, the hammer came to him in an instant(almost!). As he is returning in Phase 4, we are going to see much more of him in the future.



Yelena was introduced as the sister of the infamous Agent Romanoff. She immediately became a fan favorite and her popularity has grown ever since. Unfortunately, she will not be joining the Mjolnir-Picking Club. With her history as a ruthless mercenary, she has got a lot of blood in her ledger. Plus, now as she has joined Valentina’s dark society, she might not be worthy for the foreseeable future.


If the task is to pick up the hammer, Wanda would say, ‘No Problemo!’ But, she will not be exercising Thor’s powers of lightning. After the events of Avengers: Endgame and WandVision, fans know one thing for sure; Wanda is the strongest Avenger. She could’ve literally ripped Thanos in a gazillion molecules if it wasn’t for the firing. Yet, possessing power does not deem her worthy. With her past as a dar, spoiled kid, the worthiness of being Thor is a far-fetched question. 


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MCU’s Captain America has not had much chance to try to pick up the hammer. But, with all her might and will to bring peace to the world, some fans predict that she might be the worthiest wielder of the Sorting Hammer. Adding to their beliefs is the event when Captain Marvel wielded Mjolnir in a battle against Vox Supreme. However, she was infused with Thor’s DNA before the battle. MCU’s Age Of Ultron has already established that the worthy meter is not based on anyone’s DNA. So, if someone steals Thor’s fingerprint or DNA, he will not be deemed worthy of the hammer, at least in the MCU. But if Carol Danvers were to pick up the hammer, it won’t come as a surprise.

7. SPIDER-MAN – Yes!

According to the fans, if someone were to pick up Thor’s hammer in the future, it must be Spider-Man. His purity and heroism in the darkest of choices have always stood out. Plus, he almost wielded the Hammer in Avengers: Endgame when Cap sent the hammer flying above him and he webbed it. This may not count but if he was not worthy, Mjolnir would have fallen straight onto the ground. Yet, some people theorize that he might not be worthy because of his unwillingness to kill. Mjolnir is a King’s weapon and its wielder should be able to make tough calls like killing someone if required
So these were are all the Phase 4 characters that could wield Mjolnir. If you think we should include more characters, do let us know in the comments. Thor will return in Thor: Love and Thunder next year in May.


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