New Marvel God Introduced In Avengers Makes Galactus Look Like A Baby

Holy cow, the Avengers Beyond series just introduced a new Marvel god that puts Galactus and even the Beyonders to shame! This god is called the Lost One and he existed “before the omniverse” – now that’s ancient! He’s so powerful that he created the Beyonders by endowing them with just a little bit of his power. The mysterious force responsible for the events in All-Out Avengers is finally revealed to be the Beyonder in Avengers Beyond 1.


If you don’t know who the Beyonder is, he’s the one who orchestrated the first Secret Wars and is regarded as one of the most potent characters in the Marvel Universe. The Beyonder has been interfering with the Avengers’ reality and minds in an effort to get them ready to battle this all-powerful being, but even he is terrified of the Lost One. The Beyonders were developed by the Lost One, who was imprisoned after they rebelled. He wants to avenge his creations and regain his power now that he is free.


The Lost One resembles Galactus a lot when you look at the panel that depicts his original form. Similar color schemes, armor, and energy spikes protruding from their heads characterize them. This could imply that there is some sort of relationship between them. The Lost One, in contrast to the Devourer of Worlds, is in an entirely different league of power, as evidenced by Beyonder’s tale. Although Galactus commands the Power Cosmic and occupies a prominent position in the Marvel cosmic hierarchy, he is not the most powerful cosmic being.


Eternity is positioned above the Living Tribunal, who is given that title. But when the Beyonders made the decision to obliterate Marvel’s Seventh Cosmos during Secret Wars in 2015, even they were helpless against them. And during the first Secret Wars, just one Beyonder (the same one who appears in this story) was enough to turn Galactus into his plaything. This completely alters everything we previously believed to be true about Marvel’s cosmology when we consider that the Beyonders only have a tiny portion of the Lost One’s power.


The origins of the Beyonders are altered in the first issue of Avengers Beyond. Defenders: Beyond had already made it clear that they were works of the Celestials. If the Beyonder’s account of the Lost One is accurate, this new Marvel god is the most potent one ever. It will be interesting to see if the similarities between the Lost One and Galactus are more than just coincidences.

Marvel Comics is currently selling Avengers Beyond #1. You won’t want to miss this epic new storyline if you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe and its cosmic hierarchy!


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