Star Wars Episode VIII: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Star Wars Episode 8 promises to bring in some great surprises in the new Hans Solo. For starters, there would be no time jump, and it would begin immediately as we see Ray meet Luke Skywalker for the first time.

They shot this scene as the very first sequence of the movie even way before the main unit was ready for the rest of the film and before they finished casting of the new characters and locking down the script for the last time.

They did explain that Ryan Johnson was developing Episode 8, while they were shooting for Force Awakens. Ryan Johnson who wrote Episode 8 and Episode 9 said that they tend to develop the next movie while they are shooting the current movie. The focus of this film is to dig deeper into its existing characters. While Force Awakens introduces you into the new Star Wars Galaxy, Episode 8 would be a more character-focused movie.

Whilst Luke Skywalker is away learning about the dark force in the Jedi temple and isolating himself from everyone made things worse. Rey finds out that Luke has been consumed by the dark side and has secretly been using the dark side of the force to control Kylo Ren tenuously.

However, by the end of it, Luke Skywalker learns that there is more to the force than just the light side or the dark side.

Hans Solo being an adventurer abandoned his son, Kylo Ren, since Luke felt he wasn’t suited for a family life. So while Kylo grew up hearing about his family legends and what they had done, he started feeling inadequate. Feeling abandoned by his father, a new father figure came into being, this is where the Supreme leader Snoke comes in, pulling Kylo to the dark side.

Coming to Rey, we do know that she would be learning about her heritage and a bit about her family in Episode 8. Going on to Episode 9, we would see what Rey does with her skills and how far the story is pushed, while also learning about characters’ back story.

Hans solo is killed by his son Kylo Ren, the way J.J. Abram talks about that, apparently, Kylo Ren is wounded by the wicked act and by doing this he was killing the last bit of light side that was left in him.

Episode 8 would focus more on four main characters namely Luke, Rey, Kylo and Supreme leader Snoke. Apart from this, there’s a whole lot going around in the galaxy, which goes beyond what Luke Skywalker has been doing this whole time.

While few questions still remained unanswered, as to who are Rey’s parents? where did Supermen leader Snoke come from and learn more about him? What has Luke Skywalker been doing exactly this whole time?

Finally, we received a confirmation that Alden Ehrenreich is the new Hans Solo. So the Hans Solo spin-off film would be 20 something, Hans Solo. The story would probably show is how he met Chewbacca and some of their early adventures together.

Since the movie is slated for release in May 2017, we can expect the first teaser to come out only after Rogue One comes out

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