5 EPIC Deaths of Comic-Book Characters From Flashpoint Paradox

Flashpoint has to be the biggest blunder of all the worst decisions that the Flash has taken. This was nothing but a young Barry Allen, feeling lonely one evening missing his mother, so he goes back in time, prevents her murder from happening which sends ripples across the timeline creating major changes. Many heroes died in the war between Atlanteans and Amazons in this timeline. Here are a few:

Hal Jordan

“Beware my power, asshole” are the final words that come out of Hal Jordan’s mouth before the hero who’s not Green Lantern in this arc sacrifices himself for the greater good of humanity, taking down a big sea monster with him.


Well, in this war of the brides, it was the Earth that suffered. Where Wonder Woman and Aquaman get into the sheets even when he and Mera are married, an enraged and hurt Mera confronts Wonder Woman, she tries to strangle her with water but instead a moment later her head is chopped off and in the hands of Princess Diana.

Bruce Wayne

Yeah, folks, it is not Thomas and Martha Wayne who died in that alley that night, But Bruce is the one who dies and it is his father who becomes Batman. What is worse is that we can see his mother holding his body and laughing hysterically, turning into Joker.


Here in the Flashpoint Shazam is actually a number of kids, coming together to become Shazam. Wonder Woman while fighting him uses her Lasso to compel him to change his form. The kids when separated are brutally stabbed by Wonder Woman.

Nora Allen


Okay, this is the fucking reason why the whole Flashpoint was created. Nora Allen is killed by the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, the eternal enemy of the Flash. It is to prevent this death that Barry goes into the timeline and turns the world into shit, with a lot many changes such as Superman being skinny, Batman- a killer, Wonder Woman and Aquaman well screwing and killing each other etc.

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