Did We See Blade In Doctor Strange 2 Trailer As Well?

Every time a sneak peek into a new Marvel Cinematic Universe project comes out, fans go through every single detail of it. The same can be said for the latest trailer of the Doctor Strange sequel. While the trailer itself was riddled with some of the most exciting details about the movie, fans have now started going deeper into it. With some of the wildest theories coming true, it won’t be surprising if other theories are also on the way. Based on what is be considered so far, we might get to see a lot of interesting appearances in the movie. Fans seem to think that amongst the several characters they might have spotted Blade in Doctor Strange 2 trailer as well.


Marvel had already announced that we are going to get a Blade movie during 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con. Bassam Tariq has been signed on to helm the project and the script will be coming from Stacy Osei-Kuffour. Stacy is known for her work with the HBO limited series Watchmen. The release date for the movie is still a long time away and fans are excited to see how Mahershala Ali will be taking on the role. But the character has already made its debut in the MCU as the first half-human and half-vampire daywalker. The character had a voice-cameo in the post-credits scene for Eternals when Dane Whitman was reaching for the Ebony Blade.


Blade In Doctor Strange 2

There is a lot of confusion regarding this appearance considering it didn’t give a clear idea regarding the character. The comics have hardly associated the character of Blade with Black Knight and yet his cameo indicates that they might have some connection. It has been theorized that we will get to see both of them embark on their adventures together. One of the most popular theories suggests that both of them might end up appearing in the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight. But it seems that Blade might have been spotted in the trailer for Doctor Strange 2.


Blade In Doctor Strange 2!!!

A lot of theories are making rounds following the release of the full-length trailer for Doctor Strange 2. The most exciting and wild moment has to be when Strange is summoned by a group of people. This has been assumed to be the Illuminati with Patrick Stewart also being heard amongst them. While it is being considered that Stewart is reprising his role as Charles Xavier. Fans are actually wondering who might the other members present amongst them end up being. One Twitter user has noticed that one of these characters seems to resemble Blade and indicated that it might be Wesley Snipe’s rendition of the character.


Blade In Doctor Strange 2

Considering Blade has already made his debut in the MCU, the franchise can bring his character out whenever they want. But one might have considered the fact that Blade wasn’t an original member of the Illuminati. At the same time, it is not confirmed if this group will actually be making their appearance in the movie. Another point against this theory is the fact that it could also be Mordo who seems to appear in this room at a later moment from the trailer.


It would actually be exciting to see who these mysterious figures are in the trailer. It could be Blade himself and this might explain why the character also appears behind Dane Whitman in the Eternals. There is absolutely no clear idea about the vast amount of possibilities in the movie. This actually makes the title of the sequel rather fitting to the multiversal chaos and possibilities it might feature.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters worldwide on May 6.

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