7 Bad Dads From Comics That Will Give You Serious “DADDY” Issues

Parenting sure is a very important thing. A bad dad can do more damage to his child’s soul than imaginable to a common man’s mind. Here is a list of some horrible dads from the comic universe:


Wolverine is known to get down and dirty a lot of times. The mutant has been seen getting busy multiple times with many women, resulting in having a lot of kids. One such case was there where he had to fight the Mongrels — Fire Knives, Gunhawk, Cannon Foot, Saw Fist and Shadowstalker. He kills them all, learning later that they were his children.


Trigon is an extra-dimensional demon, who had a lot of children, all killed by their mothers in order to stop Trigon’s evil prowess to increase and his rise to other dimensions. Raven survived though, and he used her in order to take control of Earth, because of which she created the Teen Titans.

Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul, the head of the demon has been living on this Earth since about six centuries. He’s had numerous kids with women but loves only one daughter of his. Talia, recently it was revealed that he had another daughter, Nyssa who he let rot in the concentration camps during World War 2, she was later killed by the League of Assassins.

Norman Osborn

Amberson Osborn, Norman’s dad was a business failure who vented all his anger on Norman, who later became a great businessman, neglecting his son, Harry Osborn all the while. He tortured his son psychologically and after being affected by the Green Goblin’s gas by other methods as well as leading him to be the next Green Goblin.


The so-called wise ruler of the mighty planet Asgard and the nine realms, Odin is a pretty bad father. It was his favoritism that created a rivalry between the two step-siblings, Loki and Thor. Not only that, the reason why he had brought Loki to Asgard, on the first place was very wrong.


Thanos has a serious problem, keeping his business in his pants. The outcome of which is that he has several illegitimate children across the universe. And he has killed every single one of them, killing them wasn’t evil enough for Thanos, he destroys the very planet they live on.

Brian Banner


If there has to be someone on this list who has actually tormented his kid more than anyone ever could, it has to be Brian Banner, Bruce Banner’s father. Banner has outrightly told that he actually received the ‘monster gene’ from his father, because of whom he actually became the angry hulk, when the gamma rays hit him.

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