Professor X’s Dementia in Logan Happened Due To Doctor Strange 2?

With Multiverse of Madness’s release coming near, multiversal theories are flying like bread from a toaster. While most of these theories are too good to be true, some of them are crazy enough to be true. And one such theory recently caught our eye, where the theorist suggests MoM will connect MCU with the X-Men universe. Keep up with the post to find out how Doctor Strange will cause Professor X’s dementia in Logan in MoM:

MCU’s 28th movie and 34th project, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is the highest-anticipated movie since Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is evidence that more and more fans are starting to follow the franchise as it goes on. From all we know about the movie, the movie will see Doctor Stephen Strange face a threat he paved the way for when he cast that spell in NWH. People have great expectations from this movie as they hope the movie will bring together all the Marvel universes since Fox’s X-Men Universe. And then a few of their own, with the Superior Iron Man.


Professor X’s Dementia in Logan

Sir Patrick Stewart has been a part of Marvel Studios since he took on the character of Professor X in the first X-Men movie. Since then, he has played it to perfection in 7 awesome movies. But when Marvel announced his presence in the new Doctor Strange movie, it raised a lot of questions. Professor X met an unfortunate end in 2017’s Logan, which was the last featuring Stewart as Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. The film featured him as a senile old man, suffering from Dementia. The movie was set in 2030, so it opens a big window for Stewart to appear in MoM. And not disturb the continuity of his universe, as well.



When Strange cast the timeline-wrecking spell, he opened the multiverse, and out came all its threats. So for the trial of his crimes, he gets brought into the Illuminati where we see him presented before Judges. While we didn’t get a good look at any judge, we noticed a bald character saying the words, “We should tell him the truth.” This marks Stewart’s 8th movie donning the same character in a franchise, breaking his previous world record of 7. The movie has promised a lot of cameos but using one of them to market the film makes sense. But why Professor X of all? This hints that his role is bigger than most other cameos. And that leads to the new theory.



Charles Xavier’s last performance saw him suffering from Dementia, maybe MCU will use Multiverse of Madness to explain this. After appearing last in Days of Future Past, Professor X suddenly had Dementia in Logan. The movies were set only 6 years apart. So, naturally, it confused a lot of fans. But we think that it was a genius move that was always destined to be explained later. And this is it! A Redditor, u/BRispin, suggests that Professor X will have a much bigger and more crucial role in MoM as it will see him sacrifice himself. Or at least his mind! In the end, Charles will give up most of his mind to save the multiverse, thus his senility.



In his recent talks with the media, Patrick Stewart didn’t believe that his scenes were in the trailer. Now we know that Feige probably gets the cast members to sign an NDA to contain any spoilers or leaks. So, his shock ultimately hints at the significance of his role in the movie. And this perfectly lines up with our theory, as well. Plus, it finally explains the Professor’s Dementia and weak physical condition in Logan. Not to mention, if this theory perfectly upkeeps the legacy of one of our favorite characters of all time.

Professor X’s dementia in Logan

Also, in the movie, we saw Logan talking about Professor X killing a bunch of mutants using his Cerebro. He induced a seizure that caused a major part of the Mutant population to disappear from the face of the Earth. This can only be explained if he tried to cure the fractured timeline, but fractured his brain in the process. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits the theatres on May 6th, later this year.

The above theory gives us a clear view that how Doctor Strange will cause Professor X’s dementia in Logan in Doctor Strange 2, let us know what you think about it down in the comments.

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