Why Kingo Was So Loyal To Ikaris (Was Ikaris Right???)

Eternals is one of the most different projects that fans would have gotten from the MCU. The movie introduced a wide variety of concepts and narratives into the franchise in a single project. It was received with mixed opinions from the fans and other critics. This might be one of the only times that we got to see this variety of heroes in a single project. The dynamics of the narrative shifted between different characters as we had to follow a new leadership as priorities switched. But one thing that was very apparent was the Kingo was very much supportive of Ikaris for quite a while. Fans kept wondering about the possible reasoning for why Kingo was so loyal to Ikaris


One of the major focuses in the movie was the relationship that each and every character shared in the modern days. The movie had a massive scale and it brought a lot of narratives together in what has to be one of the most off-the-beat projects. It showed us the entire mythology behind the MCU that we had seen evolve over the years. It was a difficult task to establish these characters in the past and at the same time bring a modern narrative. The movie made an attempt to do this but wasn’t really as successful as we would have thought it to be. A mixed attempt led to both the different narratives undermining one another.


One of the most significant characters in the movie has to be that of Ikaris. From the very first time we lay our eyes on him he seems to have a motive and a certain layer to him. This actually comes true when we discover that he had different plans compared to the other Eternals. Most of them had gotten used to the humans and they actually preferred these lives. Even their leader Ajak had decided to protect the humans and not pay heed to the plans of Arishem.


But Ikaris was too loyal to Arishem and it wasn’t till the very end that he realized that he was wrong about what he had done. But fans must have noticed that Kingo actually had a bit of loyalty to Ikaris which changes around the end. Even though this gives rise to some human behavior, one has to see that it actually paved the way for the doom of humanity itself.


Kingo’s Support For Ikaris

Ever since the events of the Emergence became apparent, Ajak decided upon trying to save humanity. This would be against the will of the Celestials and Ikaris was the only one still sticking to Arishem’s orders. He ends up killing her and plans upon manipulating the rest of the Eternals. Throughout the narrative, we can clearly see that Kingo worships Ikaris. This was apparent when Ikaris volunteers to lead the Avengers and Kingo agrees with the decision. At the same time, he was also supportive of Ikaris when the latter decided to with the original plan of the Celestials.


Kingo only comes to his senses and stops supporting when he finds out the true actions of Ikaris. He even prevents Ikaris from attacking Sprite by jumping on the way. This might actually indicate the true reason for his support for Ikaris. This could be because of his easily fascinated persona. He had been indicative of a persona that has been quite fascinated with things from the very start. So his support for Ikaris could be because of the latter’s strengths. This is obvious because Kingo was actually making a movie about Ikaris himself. Thus we can say that it wasn’t actually blind faith but more about being respectful of the persona that Ikaris carried.


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