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18 Craziest Ikaris Memes To Look At After Rewatching Eternals

We all watched Eternals and despite very bad critic reviews for the movie, the audience loved the movie. Ikaris is one of the members of the Eternals and is been played by the actor, Richard Madden. There are so many of his powers and that he was in Game of Thrones, fans didn’t miss a single chance to troll him and his character. Check out these craziest Ikaris memes :

1. LOL!!


2. Is It?

3. Haha!!


4. Oh No!

5. 14 Days!


6. Totally Pretend!

7. It’s Not A Joke!


8. Woah!

9. Favorite One!


10. Super Cool!

11. Go To Sun!


12. That’s Right!

13. Big Baby!


14. Haha!

15. Literally!


16. Mini-Bosses!

17. Crazy!


18. Funny!

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