8 EPIC Sagas in DC Comics Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

Dc comics was started by National Allied publications in 1934. Dc introduced world’s first superhero Batman in May 1939, in issue #27 of detective comics. In June 1938, Dc launched Action Comics, the premiere of which introduced a new character Superman, it was the first comic book to feature the new character archetype, soon known as “superheroes”, proved sales that time nobody must have thought about one day this characters will become a household name worldwide. From its starting year, Dc comics has produced so many best sellers comics with compelling stories. Here is a list of such stories that fans should read. We all will be happy if the warner bros studio will make a live-action movie about them.

All -Star Superman8 EPIC Sagas in DC Comics Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

Created by grant Morrison all-star Superman showcases the nobility that superman stands for what are his morals and why he is a hero the world needs. The story introduces us to the various aspects of Superman’s personality. This comic won the Eisner Award for “Best New Series” in 2006, as well as “Best Continuing Series” in 2007 and 2009. It also won the Harvey Awards for “Best Artist” and “Best Single Issue” in 2008. In 2006 it won the Eagle Award for “Favorite New Comic book” and “Favorite Comics Cover”, as well as the 2007 “Favorite Color Comic book – American” Eagle. As we know that man of steel 2 is in development at WB studio we all can hope the studio will consider this story for the movie as in Batman v Superman we have seen a controversial version of Superman. Adapting this story will bring the Superman that we all know as a symbol of Hope.

Batman The Dark Knight Returns

Written by Frank Miller in 1986, this comics still have the best batman story after batman year one. We have an older Batman who has given up the role of vigilante and apparently lost his belief in his own actions. But soon he returns to stop increasing crime rates in Gotham city with his new-found Robin, a girl, carries Kelly. So many years have passed since people have seen Batman that they consider him as some myth. To stop the crimes he has to face a new gang of criminal and their leader to make Gotham safe again. He also fought against Joker, his old enemy, Joker kills himself to make Batman a murderer in everyone’s eye. At the end of the dark knight returns 2 we saw Batman going against Superman and this fight between him and Superman serves as inspiration for batman v superman movie, which fails to recreate this iconic fight between two superheroes.

Justice League: Tower of Babel

Batman finds the weakness of every member of justice league to use if they ever went on a darker side. He wants to use it against them just to neutralize them of all of their powers. But this plan of his gets compromised by Ra’s Al Ghul and he soon starts taking down the entire league one by one. The story shows us that how prepared batman can be for worst to happen. But now it’s up to him to set everything right.

Injustice Gods among us

What if the most powerful being on this planet, to whom people consider as a symbol of “Hope”, breaks his all moral codes and decided to be the dictator of this earth along with the team of Heroes, to whom people look as guardian or savior of them. This is the story of injustice gods among us. Started with Joker murdering Lois Lane and entire metropolis by manipulating Superman, ends with Superman being a corrupt god. Justice league divides into two teams one led by Superman (Regime) and other by batman (insurgency). Insurgency wants to bring peace on earth by killing individual rights of people and controlling every moment on this planet while regime fights again insurgency’s wrong way to bring peace but they are working underground cause insurgency got most powerful heroes on this planet. It’s a fantastic storyline which explores the darker side of our heroes. But this event should be explored in DCEU in phase 3 or 4 because first, the world needs to see why Superman is called a symbol of hope or what are the moral codes of dc’s  heroes before seeing them going corrupt to get that impact. 

Wonder Woman by George Perez

This wonder woman story by George Perez makes you fall in love with the Amazonian princess. They recreated the origin of wonder woman after the event of an infinite crisis. They enriched the story and made wonder woman a feminist icon. Wonder woman has powers of god level and this is her story of how she became one of the greatest superheroes of all time.


One day Barry Allen wakes up and see that world has changed from last night everything and everyone around him have changed. His mother is alive and he is not flash anymore. Bruce Wayne died instead of his father and mother, Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne is Batman who believes in murdering criminals brutally, Bruce’s mother is the joker as she loses her mind at the site of her son’s death. Superman is not found by Kent family instead of us Gov. kept him for lab experiments. Hal Jorden dies before he can become green lantern in a war against Atlantians. Amazonians and Atlantis’s are at war with each other which leads to eradicating life from this earth as human forces also get involved. Cyborg wants to make peace on earth but fails. Barry recreates the event which gave him powers with the help of Thomas Wayne and concludes that EoboardThawne aka Reverse Flash is behind all this but he didn’t remember that he is the one to start all this because he travels in past to save his mother.Then Barry pulls up entire speed force to defeat Thawne and to restore timeline seconds before the end of the world.

Sinestro corps war

The story revolves around the Green Lanterns of Earth Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps as they fight an interstellar war against the Sinestro Corps, an army led by the former Green Lantern Sinestro who are wearer of yellow power rings and seek a universe ruled through fear. This is one of the best stories from Dc comics, as we know Green lanterns corps movie is in development at the studio with Geoff Johns as a producer, we can hope that they will take inspiration from this story arc.

Dc Universe: Rebirth

“Rebirth is about focusing in on the core of the character and their respective universe,” says writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “It brings back what has been lost: the legacy of the characters, the love and the hope of the DCU!”

Rebirth is not a reboot of the entire universe it’s just reconfiguring everything and taking right steps in producing great stories. This series launched under the greatest story teller of all time and CCO of Dc entertainment Geoff Johns with DC’s best writers and storytellers. Dc rebirth is doing a record breaking sell. After this launch, DC has the market share of 39.27% while his longtime competitor Marvel has 30% of market share.

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