10 Best Non-Superhero Action Movies Of 2021

2021 has been a year of many things, but it has been one of the best for the entertainment industry. This is because most of their audience sat at home in the pandemic and explored the digital world in 2020. But 2021 saw the reopening of theatres and we finally got new releases. And with new releases come new action sequences in amazing action movies. Here is a list of the 10 best action movies of 2021. Take a look and let us know if we missed any…

Wrath of Man

Jason Statham comes back to mainstream cinema with Wrath Of Man. The story is of a security truck driver who transports millions of dollars in cash in an armored truck across a city. Jason Statham plays H, the truck driver. But there is more to the story than meets the eye. First of all, it is a heist movie and it has amazing action sequences. Tag on that the episodic story-telling and the movie turn from good to absolutely magnificent.


The King’s Man

The King’s Man is the much-needed prequel to the KingsMan series. It explores the origin of the secret service and much like its predecessors has a very unique action style. The main character has the suave British charm that is necessary for his role and it comes off amazingly well in the action set pieces of the film. We would love to see another installment in the franchise.


The Tomorrow War

Time travel and war are interesting concepts in their own right, but when you combine both of these themes you get a movie that has the potential to be magnificent. That is exactly what The Tomorrow War is. Dan is a soldier to travels to the future to fight a war against Whitespikes, a hostile alien species. The action set-pieces of the film have high stakes and brilliant payoffs. A must-watch for anyone who enjoys warfare in movies.


No Time To Die

Best action movies of 2021

What can we say about No Time To Die that has not already been said by everyone else. This movie is a fitting conclusion to the Daniel Craig-era of Bond movies. It has everything, from story resolutions to impeccable action sequences, to a token Bond girl. The movie also has returning cast from old movies and this raises the stakes, even more, we won’t say who comes back, but you should be able to guess.


F9: The Fast Saga

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F9: The Fast Saga is probably one of the most unique movies of the year. Vin Diesel has certainly taken “The Family” narrative to heart, which is a good thing. The only thing better than that is the fact that this narrative makes the movies all the more interesting. We feel invested in every action scene because it seems like someone we love is on the edge of danger.



We all love assassin movies, don’t we? Especially when the said assassin is on a warpath. This movie has that quality. It is one of the best warpath bloodlust sagas we have seen in a long while. Kate is a showcase of skill, plain and simple. The movie is about the titular character as she employs her deadly skills to survive in the scarce time that she does have. We are not ashamed to say that we quite enjoyed it and highly recommend that you watch it.


Without Remorse

Without Remorse is a nail-biting military thriller featuring Michael B. Jordan in the lead. The Creed star brings us one of the best action movies of 2021. It features an American military unit that attacks a pro-Assad encampment and the situation quickly escalates. The action sequences are out of this world, to say the least, and we could have not asked for more. Plus, whenever someone puts Michael B. Jordan in a military movie you cannot say that they do not know what they are doing.



What do you get when you back an everyman into a corner. You get a cornered animal who will bite your ear off. That is exactly what watching Nobody is like. Bob Odenkirk plays the everyman who must make very distinct choices and his decisions are what pace the movie. The movie is not overly ambitious but it is one of the most interesting pieces of action cinema we have seen in a long time. A must-watch for any Breaking Bad fan.


Free Guy

Best action movies of 2021

In an attempt to capture the charm of both The Lego movies and The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ryan Reynolds brought us, Free Guy. This is a movie about a Non-Playable character in an online multiplayer game. The movie is actually about the possibility of this man gaining sentience and taking over his own reality while the creators try to stop him. It is a fun watch and certainly has its share of action.


Godzilla Vs Kong

How can we talk about action in 2021 and not talk about the biggest matchup of the year? Godzilla Vs Kong is probably one of the most ambitious projects that Hollywood has ever made. It is quite an extraordinary accomplishment to have been able to place these different kaiju in one movie, but to place them against each other is even more spectacular. This magnificence is on full display in the movie and we quite enjoy it.


Honorable Mention – One Shot

Scott Adkins gives us a stunner of a movie in the form of One Shot. The movie is full of awe and admiration and its portion of the action for one simple reason, it is a movie centered around Navy SEALs. We won’t spoil the plot of the movie but the operation that these SEALs carry out is very intense. At one point, the hair on our skin stood up in anticipation, you must not miss this one for sure.

So these were our picks for the best action movies of 2021 outside the Superhero genre. Would you like to add any? Let us know.

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