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6 Times When Batman Showed His Inexperience in The Latest Film

There was something particularly different about Matt Reeves’ take on the world of Batman and his version of Gotham. Here, we saw that Batman was quite inexperienced and was coming to terms with being the Dark Knight. Throughout the movie, there were multiple hints to this factor as he had quite the difficulty in facing his ruthless enemies. Let’s take a look at the cases when Batman showed his inexperience in his latest movie:

Discovering That He Strikes Fear In The People Of Gotham

Around the end of the movie, when Batman discovers a group of people trapped in the flood, he goes to save them. The Dark Knight dives into the water and sparks up a flare, and starts working o the wreckage. When he tries to reach out to them, they are initially reluctant to take his hand and this is the very first time he realizes that the people of Gotham fear him. Later this would be an essential factor for the character to become a symbol of hope.


Trusting Carmine Falcone

The movie doesn’t feature much of an appearance from Bruce Wayne but the amount of appearance that character gets is enough for us to get an idea about him. Around the second half of the movie, the Riddler indicates that the Wayne family has some history of corruption in Gotham. Wayne readily accepts this theory and we see him going to Carmine Falcone in vulnerable form. Falcone tells him his side of the story but it’s not the truth and this leads to Bruce mistrusting his own parents. It is only later when Alfred tells him the truth that Bruce is able to understand what actually happened (or a version of it).


Almost Got The Same Number Of Punches As He Threw

Some of the best moments in the movie have to be when Batman has fought with the enemies or their minions. Earlier in the movie, we see him having a fight with some criminals on a platform. Here he is able to prove that there’s a certain fear around him but during the fight, he ends up getting hit quite a few times. One can say that he manages to get hit as many times as he is able to land a punch on the opponent. This was a quite clear indication that he requires a lot of fighting experience to face larger threats in the future.


Stalling The Batmobile

When Batman showed his inexperience

Since the movie is a lot more grounded than the previous attempts on the character, we get to see quite a basic version of the Batmobile. It is literally a muscle car that Wayne has built by himself with some rather interesting additions. While chasing Penguin the engine stops and the car grinds to a halt thus allowing the villain to get to quite a large distance before Batman could get him.


The Parachute Moment Under The Bridge

One of the biggest mistakes the character makes could have almost killed him. He took a detonation right from the front and this managed to put him out for a sufficiently long time. Later he would come to sense inside the GCPD where the officers intended to take his mask off. Gordon comes to his rescue, allowing him to get away. Batman goes for the absolutely unplanned move and jumps off the top of the building with his flight suit on. It becomes quite clear that he wasn’t quite sure about this plan and even the scene is shot in that manner. We might get to see some improvement in this suit going ahead in the franchise.


Getting Shot By A Sniper At Point-Blank

The final moments of the movie came as an absolute surprise for Batman and he hardly had any chance to prepare for the chaos that was going to unfold. This was quite apparent with the way Batman somehow managed to manage the multiple followers of the Riddler while getting hit multiple times. His bulletproof Batsuit is seen making most of the heavy lifting during this moment and Bruce somehow manages to survive. When Batman is shot in the chest from point-blank range by a sniper rifle, he’s taken out of contention completely. He won’t have survived if Catwoman won’t have come to his rescue.


The above scenes clearly show us the moments when Batman showed his inexperience, what are your reviews on it? let us know in the comments.

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