10 Most Anticipated Scenes From Non-MCU Movies That Never Made It To The Final Cut

Many movies come and go, some influence us, some impact us, some just flops and some are just admired by us. These things happen because of the iconic character, their roles and some scenes that sometimes just touch our heart. Scenes like when two Sherlock Holmes encountered each other on TITAN, you know what I am talking about. Another classic example of such instance is the last scene of The Bucket List when Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’s ashes were put in the boxes of Kopi Luwak with the bucket list in between both the boxes. Those boxes were located at a place with a majestic view and that view was the summit of Himalayas. That scene must have hit the fans right in the feels.

Well, sometimes directors cut most anticipating scenes because of some errors or maybe some other issues and them scenes never get to see the light of the day. here is the list of some iconic scenes that never came out.

 1. The Incredibles

The Incredibles won our heart when it came with its amazingly fascinating superhero story plot and characters and also left us asking for more( the sequel). Well, its original storyboard was different as shown in the movie. According to the storyboard, Jack- Jack’s kidnapping was the first scene but Jack-Jack’s kidnapping was drifted to the final scene.

 2. Frozen

Disney’s one of the most popular and renowned flick, Frozen’s story plot is also altered in order to give this character a major remodel. Originally, Elsa was an evil snow queen but her gaining popularity changed the minds of the producer. Later, they portrayed Elsa as a confused rebel who later changes her mind and joins the forces of good.

 3. Batman (1989)

There are some scenes were left for filming in almost all the franchise and unfortunately, these scenes were of Robin. Robin’s introduction was planned from a long time ago but gets delayed for one reason or another. Hopefully, Batman & Robin released in 1997 but again the whereabouts of Robin (origin) was not filmed.

 4. Superman II (1980)

Superman II was a bit of a controversy as this movie is linked with two directors. First director Richard Donner left the movie after tension rises between him and the producers. Well, the movie was almost complete when Richard Donner left and his replacement Richard Lester then completed the left movie with his own taste, excluding the Donner’s left scene from the movie.

 5. The Dark Knight Rises

This movie was a critical and commercial success and its dark theme attracts the fans very strongly. Fall n rise of Batman is what we saw in this movie. Another success factor for this movie is the brawny villain The Bane played by none other than Tom Hardy. The role and character of Bane was nothing short of spectacular but you know what could have been more interesting? The more interesting thing would be the origin of Bane and that was not filmed for the movie.

 6. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is an adaptation from the book that wowed different age groups with their CGI effects and thriller storyline. Although it was a success, it could have been much better if the directors did not cut the scenes that looked amazing in the book. One major scene was when the trio of Doctor and the kids were threatened by the Dinosaur in the pond.

 7. The King Kong (1993)

King Kong from way back then was altered and edited because of several reasons and one very famous was also removed from the movie in which big a*s spiders attack the whole crew.

 8. Dr. Strangelove

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This movie is of the time of cold war and its story plot is a mixture of worrying of war and custard pie. Yeah, you read that right custard pie. Dr. Strangelove’s final scene happened something like this: it was an all-out war between the govt. officials and military officials but instead of guns and bullets, custard pies were thrown at each other. Well, the director was not really amused by the final shot and hence deleted it.

 9. The X-men 2

You remember that training room that we saw in X-Men: last stand, that scene was truly amazing as it showcased the topnotch CGI effects and the fighting was just breathtaking. Well, this scene could have been landed in the first and second installment but was not filmed back then.

 10. Justice League

10 Most Anticipated Scenes From Non-MCU Movies That Never Made It To The Final Cut

Troublemaker Steppenwolf’s scenes were changed because of the change of director from Jack Snyder to Joss Whedon. In the unaltered cut, Steppenwolf talked to might mother box but Joss Whedon’s cut of Justice League that released worldwide was somewhat different.

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