X-Men Actor Evan Peters Rumored to Have Shot His Scenes for WandaVision

The X-Men coming to the MCU has become a possibility now more than ever. Evan Peters, who played Quicksilver (Peter) in X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse & X-Men: Dark Phoenix seems to be coming back to Marvel for more. Murphy’s Multiverse has reported that Peters is playing a “mystery role” in WandaVision and “everything is not as it seems.” Apparently he was spotted on the set of WandaVision. So let’s try and break it down.

Evan Peters Rumored to Shot His Scenes for WandaVision

The MCU’s Quicksilver & Fox’s Quicksilver were very different. Firstly, their names had to be different according to the deal that Fox & Marvel had for using these characters. Fox’s Quicksilver was called Peter while MCU’s Quicksilver got the comic accurate name – Pietro Maximoff. Peter got to be the biological son of his comic book father Magneto, but for Wanda & Pietro in the MCU, it’s still undecided. Fox gave their version of Quicksilver his God-level speed, and since that made him so invulnerable, they had to find ways to keep him out of the story. The MCU on the other hand just got to use Quicksilver once. Whedon grounded his speed to fit the story, and for the purpose of the story he also had to kill Quicksilver (it could’ve also been because Fox was running another version of the same character).

Another part of the deal was that the MCU could never call Wanda & Pietro mutants. But Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver were mutants in Fox’s Universe (yes Scarlet Witch also existed in that Universe). But now that Disney has bought Fox, they could transition Wanda & Pietro into mutants. There have been rumors and audition tapes that have hinted at the fact that Quicksilver should return for the upcoming WandaVision series since Wanda is bringing people back from the dead. Aaron Taylor Johnson was also contracted to play Pietro for multiple films. So, there was always a reason to believe that he will return to play the speedster sometime in the future.

Evan Peters Rumored to Shot His Scenes for WandaVision

But this new report has put us in complete limbo. Evan Peters seems to be playing a mystery role in a series that should involve Quicksilver. On top of that, he is doing it at a time when the Multiverse is becoming a major thing. The Multiverse aspect is what makes us think that Evan’s Quicksilver could be making a jump from the Fox X-Men Universe to the MCU. But if Marvel does that, there will be huge implications for the story of the MCU. Firstly, this would mean that any of the Fox mutants could make their jump from Fox’s X-Men to the MCU. Secondly, Marvel will have to deal with a speedster who has God’s level of speed. That’d make them face the same problem as Fox did. Honestly speaking, Fox’s Quicksilver was one of their greater characters which they failed to use to his full potential. But that doesn’t mean he could transition into the MCU.

Murphy’s report specifically said, “everything is not as it seems.” So, we have to take this as a hint that Peters is not playing Quicksilver, but some other character. I personally want Marvel to use Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver, as he had the potential to evolve just like Wanda has evolved into the strongest Avenger. Furthermore, he could be used as someone who could make Wanda calm when she is on her villainous path.

Evan Peters Rumored to Shot His Scenes for WandaVision

Till Marvel was out of speedsters, and suddenly there are reports for 3 Speedsters to appear within the same year (Makkari & 2 Quicksilvers). If Aaron Taylor Johnson also makes his return in WandaVision, and Evan Peters does play a character in the series, then it’d be the second time they’d be working together. It previously happened in Kick-Ass. As of now, we really don’t know what to expect as Marvel has a tendency and the capability to completely surprise us all. They could use Peters as Quicksilver and still make sense out of the whole thing. But in our opinion, Peters should be playing some other character, possibly a villain like the Grim Reaper or Mephisto. Let’s see what happens.

WandaVision will possibly arrive in 2021.

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