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How Hayden Christensen Could Return as Darth Vader or Anakin In Ahsoka

Star Wars is amongst the franchises that are expanding quite rapidly ever since the Disney+ streaming service has established itself. The franchise is using this streaming service to come out with newer projects that are basically spinoffs of storylines that we have been introduced to previously. This has been an opportunity for getting a larger look at some of the most interesting characters that we have seen in the movies. At the same time, these characters are a chance of actors who had played these characters quite successfully. The success of The Mandalorian is the prime reason that we are getting these projects anyway. It seems that Hayden Christensen is going to appear in the upcoming Disney+ show Ahsoka. Here’s how Hayden Christensen could return as Darth Vader or Anakin in the show.

Ahsoka Series

Ahsoka has been a longtime fan-favorite character for the fans of the Star Wars world of characters. She was one of the essential characters in the much-renowned Star Wars: Clone Wars series. The fact that she will be playing a major role in her own spinoff series has to be one of the most exciting news. She appeared in the second season of The Mandalorian and proved that the live-action rendition could actually work great. Rosario Dawson was the perfect choice for the role and the episode featured some of the best fight sequences inspired by Japanese Samurai cinema.


This is not the only spinoff considering the success of The Mandalorian has resulted in various spinoffs. There was initial wonder amongst fans if the series was gonna be a success considering this was the first attempt at a live-action show based on the franchise. But now it has assured the fact that shows are also in canon with the Star Wars universe considering Luke Skywalker appeared in the finale of Season 2. We are already going to get another show around the end of the year with The Book of Boba Fett. 


Possible Clone Wars Hints

How Hayden Christensen Could Return as Darth Vader

There have been various references to the Clone Wars in The Mandalorian considering those events had a massive impact on the universe. Ahsoka might actually feature a lot of that considering it will give us an idea about how she came to be in the position she is in right now. Most of the shows that we are getting so far will feature characters who had essential roles in the events of Clone Wars too.


Hayden Christensen Returns

Amongst the shows that we are getting one of the major ones has to be the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Series. The series will see Ewan McGregor returning for the titular role and that has to be one of the major highlights of the show. Another great addition to the series is the fact that Hayden Christensen will also return to the series as Darth Vader. But that’s not all considering the recent update Ahsoka might also feature the actor. But it leaves us wondering if the actor will return as Anakin or Darth Vader.


How Hayden Christensen Could Return as Darth Vader

There’s a massive chance that the show will actually have a flashback sequence with Anakin Skywalker. Or maybe we will get to see details regarding the events of Clone Wars. The most exciting part of this is definitely the fact that we might get an opportunity to witness a great fight sequence between the two characters of Ahsoka and Darth Vader. The transition of Anakin to the dark side had a major impact on Ahsoka considering she was his student.

Star Wars fans wanted to see the two characters come together in a live-action adaptation. So far just the news that Hayden Christensen will be making a return in two major Star Wars projects featuring on Disney+ is exhilarating. Are you excited to see the villain we’ve all loved the most for all these years? Let us know in the comments.

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