Will Hawkeye Die or Retire in His Disney+ Show?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has attained unforeseeable heights. No one could have predicted that these characters would be buzzing around on-screen even a decade later when Phase I movies were released by Marvel Studios. Fans expected things to settle down after The Avengers but everything escalated after that. There have been two characters who had not received ample screentime even though they were an essential part of the squad. We are talking about Hawkeye and Widow. But now, Widow has received her movie, and Hawkeye is coming to Disney+ on November 24. Ever since the release of the new teaser fans have been asking will Hawkeye die or retire by the end of the show?

The Teaser starts the same way that the trailer starts. With Hawkeye taking his family out for food and promising them that this would be the best Christmas ever. It has been years since Hawkeye has seen his family. Part of the reason for this is that they were snapped away and Clint Barton had taken up the role of an international on-man-army against all organized crime. But the Avengers got back together and got everyone, including Hawkeye’s family back.


This made it so the hero could take them out for Christmas. But everyone knows that when Marvel is involved Hawkeye cannot have a single day of peace. We see that things quickly escalate in the teaser as they did in the trailer. But this time we receive the narration from Barton himself who reminisces on these events while talking to Kate Bishop. The pair seem to be traveling somewhere but the plot details are left vague and unestablished, probably intentionally. There is an ominous aura in this teaser that was not present in the first trailer.


Will Hawkeye Die or Retire?

The reason for the aura may be the somber score or the fact that Hawkeye gets pummeled in the teaser more than once. Clint Barton is one of the strongest humans on this planet who does not have special powers. He stands and fights besides literal Gods and takes down evil tyrants, all before breakfast. But this teaser grounds the figure in reality. It seems that the show is trying to present the more human side of Hawkeye. We can appreciate this, after all, one of the most heartwarming sequences of Age of Ultron was the introduction of Clint’s family.


Everyone assumed that Clint would bite the dust by the end of that movie because of how the movie’s narrative was built around him. But it was quicksilver who lost his life and saved Clint in the process. This cemented Hawkeye’s place in the team even more and established his need to do the right thing. We think that Marvel will finally finish Hawkeye’s arc in his standalone Disney+ show. He will most likely die or retire by the time the show ends. There are two compelling reasons for this.


The first one is that he’s getting his own standalone show which seems to be wrapping up the loopholes of his story. This also includes the Ronin storyline which was only teased in Endgame but never explored fully by the MCU. The second reason we think this will be Hawkeye’s final outing is that the MCU has already introduced us to the new Hawkeye. Kate Bishop even introduces herself as the greatest archer in the world and she has taken up the mantle previously in the comics. So it is completely possible that she will be Clint’s replacement in the MCU.


The Future

This is in line with the kind of things that Marvel Studios has done in recent times. With Black Widow they introduced Yelena, who is supposed to replace Natasha. They used Falcon & The Winter Soldier to set up the replacement for Captain America. Spider-Man was always supposed to be the replacement of Tony Stark. Widow, Cap, and Tony are either dead or out of commission so it makes sense that Kate Bishop is here to replace Hawkeye and he will die or retire in the series.


If you still don’t believe us then you should look at the probable story of Thor: Love and Thunder which has a new Female Thor coming onto the scene. This makes it all the more probable that all the old Avengers will be replaced with new younger heroes who can carry on their legacy. let us know what you think of our theory in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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