Yet Another Ability of Bucky’s Vibranium Arm Revealed

The MCU is a very interesting place, not because of the Superheroes but because of the coincidences that keep on happening. No matter if you are a Super Soldier whose best friend comes back as a brainwashed double agent, or you are an augmented spy who almost killed the general’s daughter with the help of the most powerful covert agency in the world. The MCU has always had convenient coincidences occur in the gold of its story. The reason for this is that ultimately it is just a story, but there was an interesting Easter egg in the latest episode of What If…? The new episode revealed another ability of Bucky’s Vibranium arm.

The Winter Soldier has been somewhat of a conundrum ever since he came onto the scene. This is mostly because the man was shrouded in complete mystery for most of his introduction, and then we did not know the true backstory of the characters for a very long time after his introduction. The mystery started from the first instance where he caught Captain America’s shield in The Winter Soldier and continued throughout phase 3. Even Civil War only complicated the issue further and further. The fact that the Winter Soldier was responsible for the death of Tony’s parents created a divide between the heroes. Eventually, they did pet it out but the lead-up to the problem was gut-wrenching. Ever since infinity war, Bucky has become an Avenger.


The Ability of Bucky’s Vibranium Arm

The ability of Bucky’s Vibranium Arm resides in its durability and utility. After the original metal arm of the winter soldier was destroyed by tony in their battle,  Bucky Barnes was given a completely new arm by the Wakandans. He was called the white wolf by these people and revered in the image of an ultimate warrior. The man proved his worth in Infinity War even if we lost him immediately after that. No matter, things got better in Endgame. But my point is that none of this fazed The Winter Soldier, he is a hardened veteran. The only friend of Captain America from the old ages, Bucky Barnes has always stood by the captain. Part of the reason for his resilience is that metal arm of his.


The Vibranium arm can act like both a conduit of energy and a shield for the winter soldier. Considering that the arm cannot be destroyed it has become the greatest weapon in Winter Soldier’s arsenal. Now with the new What If..? series it has been revealed that the arm has another power that we have been unaware of. In the episode we see Kurt try to sneak up on the Winter Soldier when he is in the shower. The only problem is The Winter Soldier is too fast and too smart for sneak attacks. He holds Kurt up with his metal arm while still in the shower. To which Kurt responds with bewilderment. He is surprised by the fact that Bucky’s metal arm is waterproof. This new power adds to the functionality of the arm and makes Bucky Barnes even more powerful.


The way forward

Ability of Bucky’s Vibranium Arm

The winter soldier was once disarmed during his OTT series, this revealed a critical flaw in the design of the arm and also foreshadowed how it will be upgraded. Nicky is it surprised by much anymore, he even brushed off Rocket’s comments when he asked for the soldier’s arm. There is no actual reason for the inquiry other than pure desire but MCU is famous for character-specific banter. Do you think that this new ability makes The Winter Soldier even more formidable or is it just a basic functionality that has never been mentioned before because it is so obvious? We think the waterproof part was only added so that the shower scene could be shot. It is possible that Bucky was given an upgrade before he left Wakanda so the people equipped him to weather the elements a little better.


Ability of Bucky’s Vibranium Arm

This is also in line with Wakandan scientific thinking. We only hope that Bucky Barnes is alive after the episode and will continue to exist even in the Zombie apocalypse. What do you think of this new ability? Let us know your opinions in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marve, DC, and Hollywood.

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