Phase 4 Will Finally Give War Machine A Bigger Role After Tony’s Demise

Iron Man has been one of the most essential parts of the MCU. The character started the entire franchise and he is also responsible for ending the Infinity Saga. He is also responsible for bringing onto the franchise some of the most exciting characters. We were first introduced to the character of Rhodey in the first Iron Man movie and he went on to appear next to Stark and finally ended up being an Avenger himself. But somehow Stark’s presence has always undermined the character of War Machine and we didn’t get to explore him properly. Now that Iron Man is dead, Phase 4 of MCU could allow Rhodey to have a much more central figure.

Rhodey In MCU

If we are asked to name characters who have been in the MCU since Phase 1, Rhodey’s name will be heard quite later. This is not because the character is forgettable but because his character was hardly given a chance to be explored in the MCU. The actor for the role was even switched from Iron Man with Don Cheadle taking on the role from Terrence Howard. We got to witness him appear as Iron Patriot and have a major role in Iron Man 3. Following that the character will appear in some major roles in future MCU projects including the final two entries in the Infinity Saga.


This character has seen a narrative that has undergone a transformation in his short appearances in the movies. Rhodey has been a part of some of the biggest adventures in the first three Phases of the franchise. But things weren’t taken seriously around him because the character was always under the shadow of Iron Man. Even though Rhodey and Stark have completely different personas, their superhero personas aren’t very different. We saw him get a major injury in Captain America: Civil War but the character managed to survive. Following Iron Man’s death, we can be sure there is a lot more to explore for the character.


War Machine In Phase 4

Phase 4 has seen some major additions to the franchise with some new characters being explored. At the same time, we have been getting a chance to explore some characters from the past films in MCU. The expansion of the narrative with the Disney+ series allows for a lot of the underrated characters to be explored in the franchise. This includes the likes of Hawkeye also getting his own solo series that allowed to see the character with a lot more depth. War Machine already had an appearance with a small role in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series.


Don Cheadle Talks About The Future Of The Character

Marvel Studios had announced that we will get to see the Armor Wars narrative in a Disney+ series. Even though the details for the series are not known it was announced that Don Cheadle will be reprising his role in the series. We can be sure that this time around we will get to see a solo venture for Rhodey with some other characters. Don Cheadle talked about the series in an interview with EW. He revealed:

What’s amazing is that what’s to come is a whole other level. This will be an opportunity for the first time to really see who he is and what makes him tick.


Set photos from the upcoming Secret Invasion series have revealed that we will get to see Rhodey appear in the series too. This might be an indication that these other projects will slowly start establishing the importance of the character in the future of the franchise. It will actually be an interesting chance to see the narrative of the series being explored in these projects. Another series surrounding Iron Man’s legacy is going to be the Ironheart series with Riri Williams leading the narrative. This can be another opportunity for War Machine to establish his significance in the future of the franchise.


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