Superman Not The Only One With A Black Suit

Superman star Henry Cavill posted on his Instagram about Superman’s new suit, but he isn’t the only one with a black suit. Spider-Man gets a new black suit as well. But sadly, this is not for Spider-Man: Homecoming. The web slinger’s new suit comes in connection with Deadpool, another fan favorite.


In the new issue, Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness, Spider-Man’s suit is as dark as Peter Parker’s mood. The opening arc of Spider-Man/Deadpool involved someone hiring Deadpool to kill Parker, whom Wade does not realize is actually Spider-Man, Wade’s personal hero. Wade agrees to do it because he’s under the impression that Peter is doing some terrible, evil experiments. Deadpool succeeds in his mission but is confused when Peter Parker didn’t go to Hell but Purgatory instead. With his mistake realized, Deadpool calls in his ex-girlfriend, Lady Death  and has Peter resurrected.


However, before Peter leaves the Purgatory, he has  a run-in with Mephisto. The Marvel pseudo-Satan who brokered the deal that ruined Peter’s marriage to Mary Jane Watson. As part of the deal, Mary Jane made Mephisto swear to never bother Peter again. Peter’s meeting with Mephisto suggests otherwise. Mephisto whispers to Peter a secret that he claims is the reason why Peter will never be truly happy and fulfilled in his life.


Mephisto tells Parker a secret, a secret that is not shared with the audience but Parker is rocked to the core. This is reflected in the suit that he wears. It takes on an all black version with red being sparsely used for his spider symbol and his eyes. All Spider-Man fans are aware of how Spider-Man’s costume changes according to Parker’s disposition. When he returns from Purgatory, Parker decides to find Deadpool with a new suit in town that reflects a new surly demeanor.

Amy Fanai

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