4 Mistakes Made by Harry Potter Which Put His Friends Life In Danger

Hello Potterheads, Harry Potter has become favorite fiction saga of so many people, with seven books and eight movies the characters of series has created a special space in everyone’s heart. Everybody wants to be Ron, Harry, and Hermione or want friends like them. There are many mistakes which are made by Harry Potter which is sometimes funny but sometimes turned out to be a danger to his or someone’s life, but we all know how the golden trio managed to do their best in worst and avoided death by inches.

The Letter From Hogwarts


At the start of the First book, we come to know how the Dursleys used to treat Harry Potter like house-elf and he didn’t have somebody who actually cares for him. When the letter from Hogwarts came he knows that there is someone who wants to talk to him, of course, the Dursleys confiscated the letters but when there is flood of letters from Hogwarts started pouring down into their house in Privet drive, he tried to catch one from air instead of picking up one from the floor as there are lots of letters lying on floor. If he had has picked one letter from a ground, surely he will have managed to sneak one into the cupboard as his uncle aunt and cousin was horrified at that moment. I think this is the reason that Harry was sorted into Gryffindor and not in Raven claw.

Valuing his ‘Firebolt’ more than his friend

When Harry received a brand new Firebolt by an anonymous stranger, when his Nimbus 2000 was shattered into pieces by Whomping Willow, Hermione suspected that it could have been jinxed as the danger of serious black is hovering over Harry and she told McGonagall about it and Professor McGonagall took the fire bolt for testing it for all sorts of jinxes and hexes but he and Ron became bitter towards Hermione. But all she wants to do is to help Harry from becoming an easy prey. Though Harry learned the lesson when Hagrid knocked some senses into him, he should have trusted the motives of Hermione behind doing this. After all, they are friends.

Those Occlumency lessons with Severus Snape

Harry Potter

Prof. Snape, the potion master of Hogwarts has been appointed by Prf.dumbledore to teach occulumency, the art of shutting down your mind from dark wizards like Voldemort, as Harry is experiencing a connection through dreams with Voldemort mind and Dumbledore thought it’s dangerous cause Voldemort could have used Harry to gain information about order and anti-Voldemort stuff, but Harry didn’t try to practice occulumency as told by Snape and when he broke into shapes memory by using protege charm Snape stopped giving him lessons, he never went back and pursued Snape or talked to his headmaster about this. Harry didn’t learn the occulumency and in the end, we think he is slightly responsible for the murder of serious black.

Godric Hollow trip turns into real disaster
When the hunt for Horcruxes begin Hermione on Harry’s word that they could find something in Godric Hollows, which will help them in hunting down the Horcruxes, went with him. But in reality, Harry wanted to visit his village and his parents grave and his home where it all started. But they didn’t know that a huge snake in Bathilda bagshots disguise waiting for them in Godric Hollow and at the end of this fiasco Voldemort actually showed up when the Nagini send him a signal. If the Hermione didn’t save Harry they both would have been caught by the Dark Lord.

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