9 MCU Characters Shang-Chi Should Team Up With In Future

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings premiered with a bang last week and it has been quite successful both critically and commercially. It united the martial arts movies fans with superhero fans. Shang-Chi is the son of a 1000-year old warrior who trains him to be an assassin. Although Shang-Chi leaves his father and spends the next few years of his life hiding from him. His quirky traits, paired with his skills in martial arts, make him a good friend and a formidable villain. Fans can’t help but imagine the type of relation he can have with the fellow characters in the MCU. We have ranked some of the bromances that we want to see Shang-Chi in. So, here are all the characters Shang-Chi should team up with:



Rhodey and Shang-Chi’s characters have a lot more in common than you think. They both have a weird sense of humor and loves to throw sarcastic comments into intense situations. Watching these two in a single frame will be one of the funniest moments of MCU. Rhodey can tell him more about the fake Ten Rings while Shang-Chi can educate him about the history of the (REAL) TEN RINGS organization. Both Rhodey and Shang-Chi are trained in combat and seeing them in a fight together will be fans’ Christmas wish.



Even though Sylvie is the reason behind the madness in the Multiverse Of Madness, she is a fan-favorite. Ever since her introduction in Disney+’s Loki, fans have declared her the best variant of Loki there is. And for some reason, fans think that Sylvie and Shang-Chi will make good friends. Both of them lost their parents at a young age, spent their youth running, and as a result, have serious trust issues. But these similarities might make them trust each other. And now that Sylvie has completed her life’s quest, she might try to make friends and amend things with Loki. Shang-Chi’s post-credits scene might set him in the MoM and fans could see him meeting Sylvie.



Characters Shang-Chi Should Team Up With

Fans think that Gamora and Shang-Chi could relate to each other as both of their fathers were the strongest beings of the universe. And they spent the better part of their life running from them. However, the new Gamora has some trust issues that need to be resolved as she tries to fit in the world. Shang-Chi could even help Gamora to patch things up with her sister, seeing that Shang-Chi knows how to. Albeit, their conversations will be based on sibling bonding that could be relatable to a lot of fans.



Avengers: Endgame Chris Hemsworth Thor

The post-credits scene of Shang-Chi saw him discussing the powers and origin of the rings with Wong, Bruce Banner, and Carol Danvers. But fans want more than that. They want to see Shang-Chi teaming up with Bruce’s alter-ego, The Incredible Hulk. Their powers and abilities will make their team the most deadly one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The recent movie revealed that Shang-Chi, too, has some deep-seated anger issues which will be something else for them to bond over.



Who doesn’t love Korg, right? Taiki Waititi’s portrayal of the chatty Kronan has been admired by fans since 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. Shang-Chi is one of the funniest superheroes of MCU and seeing him sharing the screen with Korg will make one of the funniest scenes in the entire run of MCU. Shang-Chi will always be seen at the forefront of almost every fight from and now on. And Korg’s tendency to make the audience laugh, despite the seriousness of the situation will pair well with Shang-Chi.



Characters Shang-Chi Should Team Up With

Doctor Strange was mysteriously missing in Shang-Chi’s post-credit scene. Wong asked Shang-Chi and Katy to join him as he open a portal to Kamar-Taj, but the absence of the Sorcerer Supreme raised a lot of questions. After being acquainted with Shang-Chi, fans wished for a meeting between the two superheroes. Shang-Chi possesses one of the most powerful weapons in his hands about which he knows ‘frighteningly little’. Seeing Dr Strange explaining the origin and the true purpose of the rings can be one of the most anticipated scenes of Phase 4.



When talking about the extra-terrestrial creations, the Eternals and the Ten Rings comes to mind. In the post-credits scene of Shang-Chi, Wong talks about how the Rings were calling out to someone. The Eternals trailer revealed that the Deviants are receiving a signal and that signal could very much be coming from the Rings. Eternals are about to fight inter-dimensional beings in the upcoming movie. And seeing that Shang-Chi just fought a beast from Ta Lo, it makes sense that Shang-Chi joins the fight with the Eternals to save Earth. Moreover, someone who is as old as the Eternals could unravel the mystery behind the creations of the Ten Rings.



Just like Shang-Chi, Peter is an immature, young, and powerful superhero with a lot of potential to grow. They both have fought their fair share of demons. But most of all, they are both very funny and cheerful people and can make any scene interesting. Seeing them both as friends would be the best thing that Marvel could do in Phase 4. Moreover, they both are connected by their connection to the Sanctum Sanctorum and Doctor Strange, so their meeting might be something in the works.



Kang The Conqueror and his variants are supposed to be the Big-Bad for the forthcoming phases. He is set to appear in Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania next year and fans can not wait for him anymore. Now that Shang-Chi has been included in the Earth’s Mightiest Superheroes, Kang is destined to face him in the future. But this isn’t enough for the fans. There is a popular demand for a Shang-Chi sequel with a weak variant of Kang as the main villain. With the powers of his parents combined, Shang-Chis is a force to be reckoned with.

Which other characters Shang-Chi should team up with according to you guys? Do let us know in the comments.

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