20 Best Looks of Lucifer Before Becoming God of the Universe

Lucifer is one of Netflix’s biggest series and it has totally delivered with the 5th season as well. Tom Ellis graced this Netflix series and the role of Lucifer with his devilish acting skills. Who doesn’t love this handsome devil? Fans are crazily and madly in love with the character. As we are finally going to get the dose of the devil himself here we bring you some of the most dashing and best looks of Lucifer on the show that will amaze you:

1. Him In Sexy Apron!!

2. His Cabaret Show Suit!!

3. Shirtless Lucifer, Yum!!


4. The King of Hell!

5. Absolute Handsome!


6. His Jealous Look!!

7. Doesn’t Need A Jacket!!


8. Him In Devilish Red Robe!!

9. Mr. Perfectionist!


10. Lol, Orgy Pants To Work!! Check Out His Butt!

11. Hotty In Leather jacket!!

12. Smoky Red Eyes!!

13. Sexy Robe And Scary Look!!


14. Heavenly White Wings!

15. His Devil Face!


16. Ravishing in Tan Suit!!

17. Vulnerable And Lovable!!


18. Him In His Black Towel!!

19. In His 70’s White Suit!

20. Doping In Dan’s Look!!

Which of these best looks of Lucifer is your favorite? Are you excited about Season 6? Or are you sad that the show is ending? Let us know in the comments.

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