10 Small Details In God of War That You’d Only Notice On Your Second Playthrough

Gaming is an act of passion. We do it not only to praise the art created by the developers but also to immerse ourselves in the world they have created for us. The act of playing a game more than once is an act of love. Take the new God of War reboot for example. It is a masterpiece. Cory Barlog created a world that deserved every game of the year award it got. This inspires us to replay the game because every time we do we discover something new within its world. The game has so much, that you notice some small details in God of War only when you play it more than once.

The Map is Alive

A map of the overlord is your friend in any open-world adventure. Seeing as God of War is considered to be a pseudo-OpenWorld we are blessed with an Overworld map unlike other games in the franchise. The most interesting part of the map, however, is that it moves. We do mean that the map is literally alive because if you zoom in on it you can see the water moving and the snow rushing through it. Almost like it’s not actually a map but a bird’s eye view of the entire game world.


Mark of The Blade Of Olympus

At the end of the last game before the 2018 installment, we saw Kratos sacrifice himself to release hope into the world. This sacrifice came after Kratos murdered the entire Greek Pantheon and then proceeded to stab himself with the Blade of Olympus. The Result of this stabbing can be seen in the form of a faded scar on Kratos’ abdomen.


Interactable Wildlife

Small Details In God of War

Most of the wildlife in God of War 2018 either exists for cinematic purposes or to populate the map. The only things that the player usually interacts with are monsters trying to kill them. But if you take the time then you will realize that all the birds, crabs, and critters on screen can be interacted with. Even the ones that rush away when you approach. There is even a collectible quest in-game where the player is tasked with banishing The Ravens of Odin.


Kratos can get wet

Although God of War does not have any swimming mechanics, the game still features textures for wet clothes. If the player stands under dripping water or a constant stream of water then the clothes that Kratos is wearing will get wet. This includes any fur that is on the clothing. The clothes will appear darker but dry out as soon as the player moves away from the water source.


To be Continued

One of the greatest additions in the game is the character of Mimir. This character hangs off the belt of Kratos as a head and acts as the source of lore for the player throughout your playthrough. The first time Mimir told an interesting story we couldn’t help but get immersed. So much so that we did not want to leave the boat even when we had reached the intended destination. Interestingly enough, if the player is to step off the boat in the middle of a story then Mimir will continue the story when the player re-enters the boat. This is usually accompanied by a prompt from Atreus.


The Line in The Sand

Footprints and other marks made by the player character and other NPCs on the ground are incredibly detailed. They even disappear at varying speeds depending on the weather. Footprints in mud disappear slowly while snow footprints are covered up faster. This is amazing attention to detail.

Echos in the Wind

Small Details In God of War

One of the most interesting parts of God of War is the attention to detail. All things change in accordance with the environment of the player character. Take basic sounds, for example. When the player is in a cave they can notice a distance echo that is not heard anywhere else. This is the kind of thing that increases immersion in a game.


Magic Mask Trophies

Some of the hardest collectibles to find in God of War are the Magic Masks. They are incredibly hard to discover but they can be sold to Sindri and Brock. The player may not want to sell such rare collectibles but there is some respite in knowing that the blacksmiths recognize the rarity of these items. When a Magic Mask is sold, Sindri and Brock proudly display it on their shop shelf as Trophies.


The Boy Rests at Campfires

The world of Midgard is harsh and cold. There are several spots scattered across the game world that have campfire-like set pieces. Although Kratos never needs to stop at such places, some players may have noticed that Atreus is partial to them. If you linger around such a spot you will find that Atreus will stand there to warm himself, by holding out his hands to the fire. Atreus may be a God but he is still a boy and unlike Kratos he still needs rest.


The Axe Interacts with Everything

The Leviathan Axe is one of the most memorable things about God Of War 2018. It has an awesome moveset and the act of throwing it and summoning it back to Kratos’ hand never gets old. However, what some fans may not have noticed is how the ax interacts with the environment. It scrapes the bark of trees, rips branches apart, breaks wood, and even harms the animals. The ax even leaves trails on the surface it is thrown at.

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