Wonder Woman’s Super Villain is Finally REVEALED!

It’s been over two years since the DC and Warner Bros. announcement of a Wonder Woman  movie. Since then, movie audiences have been introduced to the superhero in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and will also be featured in Justice League. But before that happens, Wonder Woman will finally get her much deserved movie release.


Up until today, fans had only gotten  a handful of images and a short trailer for the movie. The release of the new trailer has given more details of what to expect from the movie including the mysterious villains. There had been little to no news about whom the villains would be, although speculations had arisen of a certain Greek God being a key villain.


The new trailer seems to have proven those rumours right, with another villain thrown into the mix to mess up the film as well. Danny Huston is seen in the trailer in full German uniform musing about how he will soon take control of the world. The signs of Huston being the Greek God Ares are seen in two parts of the trailer:

1)He battles Wonder  Woman in a hand to hand combat, something no human let alone a random officer can do. She’s just too strong for normal humans! Huston’s handling of the sword also entails that the man is okay with handling a sword.

2) His disguise of being a soldier whose on the German’s side shows that The God of War will always be on the tactical side of battle. He is a God with a title for a reason.

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Another villain that is prominent in the trailer is the mysterious lady with a creepy mask on. The character various green disguise may be a telling sign that she is in fact, Doctor Poison. The Wonder Woman comics depicted the villain as the creator of a chemical for the German army. If she is an ally to Ares is not confirmed.

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