15 Most Shocking Love Encounters of Marvel and DC Characters

There are some superheroes that are not just super in saving people but are also super in the bed. Just like normal humans, their life is also filled with many romances and sexual encounters with several people and friends.  Here is a list of some of their action-packed scenes:

Black Widow And Tony Stark


Natasha Romanov was introduced as a villain for Tony Stark, and the two go way back. Not just as enemies but also as lovers. Eventually, when Romanov joins the teams she gets down and dirty with the playboy Tony Stark, the two get as active in the sheets as they are on the field.  Not just that, after Romanov betrayed the team, a sex tape of Tony and Natasha was released online, leaving Tony devastated.

Black Widow and Daredevil

Well, this is very less likely to happen in the MCU, but it did happen in the comics. Their relationship became so central to the characters that the Man Without Fear’s own comic book was re-titled as Daredevil And The Black Widow.

Black Cat and Daredevil

In the Amazing Spiderman comic series, Black Cat got arrested and Spiderman wanted Daredevil to bail her out. Matt Murdock tried to figure it out legally but it did not happen that way, so he did it as Daredevil and while doing that the two were stuck in a building and both of them found each other pretty alluring, the rest was pretty obvious.

Jane Foster/ Thor and Captain America

Hearing Jane Foster, we might think that she should be the lover of Thor and not Captain America. But, in a new storyline, She herself becomes Thor and Sam Wilson become Captain America and the two fall in love. The surprised everyone by locking in a passionate embrace and it was called the ‘Earth’s Mightiest Kiss’. This relationship went forward by Sam and Jane getting more and more closer and finally ended up together in bed.

Nite Owl And Silk Spectre II

This one was surely a steamy one, the two after a long time when their team has been disbanded go on the streets fighting crime. She tells Nite Owl how Doctor Manhattan now was no feelings for her, and the two get cuddly and then boom! between the sheets, the two go on banging so hard that even their plane’s booster fires up.

Supergirl And Lex Luthor

When Luthor’s body was dying due to keeping Kryptonite with him, he transmitted himself to some young person’s body and made Supergirl fall in love with him. He took the persona of Luthor Jr. keeping his company and assets to himself, this wasn’t all, he made the cousin of the Man Of Steel go against her cousin and turned her to his side. But this doesn’t nullify the fact that he too fell in love with her.

Batman And Vicky Vale

She was the reporter for the Gotham Gazette. The Lois Lane type character was attracted to both Bruce Wayne as well as the Batman individually and had her doubts about Bruce being the Batman. Though she was misled by Bruce about his identity initially, she eventually comes to know the truth but decides not to report it as she believes that what the Batman is doing is more important than the truth.

Wolverine And Storm

Wolverine and Storm flirting is nothing new in the comics. Both have been a part of the X-Men since long and have had quite a ride. But when Storm married the Black Panther, it seemed to have stopped… Only for a while though, as soon they divorced, and after that Wolvie and Storm started running the Jean Grey school together. Oh and got into each others’ pants too.

Lex Luthor And Kitty Wowalksi

Kitty Kowalski ( Acted by Parker Posey in Superman returns) served as a nurse in the hospital where Luthor was captured. As Lex would kill all his inmates, Kitty saved herself by telling Luthor that she is his biggest fan she then suggests him to marry a rich widow, Gertrude Wandsworth, to acquire her money. This was the time their flying began. According to her plan, Luthor is able to charm Vanderworth and inherit her money after she is dead. Luthor’s attachment to Kitty obviously didn’t persist for long.

Gamora And Tony Stark

Tony can be the only one in the Marvel Universe to sleep with the most dangerous woman in the galaxy. Gamora, who wasn’t that popular earlier was on top of Tony’s bucket list, but after they went on to have sex. The only thing he could say about how his experience was, “Ow”.

Elektra And Wolverine

Yeah, this one is the same Elektra Natchios, that was once DD’s girl. She found him in a beastly state and taught him how to be civil. However, in MC2 they went further than this, way further. They banged. And even had a daughter. How about that? It seems that Wolvie has a problem keeping his hands off other people’s girls.

Aquaman And Wonder Woman

To all the fans who are familiar with the storyline, Flashpoint, this one would not be a surprise. Wonder Woman and Aquaman start an affair when Aquaman is already married to Mera, this happens and then when things go south, well she beheads Mera and both, the Amazons and the Atlanteans go at war, taking the whole planet with them.


The Wasp and Iron Man

Yep, she’s here too. As if Hank Pym didn’t have enough reasons already to hate Tony Stark. He got one more, the Wasp who was actually the longtime girlfriend and later wife of Ant-Man, when divorced him came into a relationship with Tony Stark, who she met at a socialite’s party. The woman had absolutely no knowledge of him being Iron Man, and when Tony confessed, the two broke up but still stayed good friends.

Wolverine and Mariko

After Logan saves Mariko from an attempted kidnapping while in Japan, they grew close and they even spent a night together. But due to the situation where she has to take over her family business, they have to part their ways leaving their time just as “one-night” encounter.

Melita Garner and Wolverine


In Wolverine: WeaponX #1 (2009), Logan saves Melita Garner from an attack in San Francisco. Garner and Logan later get into a love bond. Even before they started, he tried to save her. In the due course, Mystique breaks their relationship after Garner had sex with Logan.

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