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    Marvel’s Avengers Trailer & Release Date Revealed at E3

    With the Avengers making it big in the movies and at the Box Office, & Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 making a huge impact upon gaming, Marvel is finally giving us the game we’ve always wanted. It’s time that the consoles evolved from Marvel vs. Capcom. WB has been using DC really well for their games as the world loves the Batman…

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  • Newsspiderman game

    Sony announces new Spiderman game exclusively for PS4

    For all you PlayStation fans, get geared up as Sony at the E3 press conference announced the biggest release of their new and exclusive Spiderman game for PlayStation 4 by Ratchet and Clank, developer of Insomniac Games. Marvel Games head Jay Ong, made a public debut by venturing into the company’s console gaming business. “When I joined, I knew that…

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