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MCU Theory: 6 Villains Zawe Ashton Could Play in The Marvels

The Marvels is still more than a year away from us. It is the final movie that Marvel has scheduled for a 2022 release. Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau will be the leading ladies of the film. There may be other heroes in the film as well, and Jude Law is probably returning as Yon Rogg. But all these heroes will have to take on a new villain besides Yon Rogg. We already know who is going to play the big bad villain in the film. It’s none other than Zawe Ashton. Ashton has starred in several critically acclaimed projects. She played a crucial role in Netflix’s Horror thriller, Velvet Buzzsaw back in 2019. So once again, Marvel seems to be picking up fresh talent from the industry. But we don’t know the character that she is going to play in the MCU. So, here are a few villains Zawe Ashton could play in The Marvels:

Queen Veranke

The first Captain Marvel film revealed the Skrulls to be victims of the tyranny spread by the Kree across the galaxy. Ultimately, these shapeshifters were outed as the good guys, and currently, they seem to be helping Nick Fury to try and keep Earth safe. But Kevin Feige said that these aren’t the only factions of Skrulls that exist in the galaxy. There are thousands of Skrulls who are scattered across different planets. And some of them could be as bad as the Kree imagined them to be. These bad Skrulls could be led by the infamous Skrull queen, Veranke.

She was the one who led the Secret Invasion on Earth in the comics. Do you remember Talos’ daughter back in Captain Marvel? She is MCU’s Veranke. She must be all grown up by now. So, I guess Zawe Ashton could show up as Veranke in the Secret Invasion series, and then she might continue as the main villain of The Marvels. It will be interesting to see why Vreranke’s journey to becoming “Queen Vreranke.” And, The Marvels will also become quite complex with Veranke betraying her parents. So, I’m really hoping for this theory to come true.


While the Secret Invasion series deals with the Skrull storyline on Disney+, The Marvels could adopt a different narrative. Rumor has it that the sequel might bring the Shi’ar empire into the mix. And with that comes the villain Dreathbird, who was exiled from the Shi’ar Empire. That brought her to Earth and she was instantly on the crossroads with Captain Marvel. So, The Marvels could tell a similar story with Zawe Ashton playing Deathbird against team Carol.


Ever since The Marvels has been announced, people have been talking about Michael Korvac aka Korvac Saga as the main villain. Now that Marvel has cast Ashton in to play the villain, is there a chance that Marvel could be gender swapping Korvac into a female? I mean, Ashton could certainly be playing Michelle Korvac instead of Michael Korvac. The previous film did this with Mar-Vell as Annette Bening was reimagined into Wendy Lawson instead of Dr. Walter Lawson.

So, The Marvels could be pulling off a similar twist. The reason I am suggesting this is because Korvac is an insanely powerful character. Captain Marvel suffered because it had villains that didn’t even come close to the strength of Captain Marvel. So, The Marvels would need a villain that could challenge Carol Danvers, and her powerful associates. And I believe Korvac Saga could do that for sure.


The Moonstone was an ancient cosmic relic that was absorbed by Dr. Karla Sofen, who was a twisted psychologist. She came to be called as Moonstone herself. She is one of the most dangerous villains that Captain Marvel has ever faced. And in her later years, she also became a part of the Thunderbolts and the Dark Avengers. So, Zawe Ashton could play Moonstone. That way, Marvel will get a villain who could go toe to toe with Carol Danvers. And then they could set her up on a redemption arc through the eventual Thunderbolts project.


We don’t know when the MCU is going to bring mutants into the picture. The earliest predictions take us to Doctor Strange 2 or Deadpool 3. But The Marvels could introduce a mutant by havung Zawe Ashton playing Rogue. In fact, she could come in as the leader of an evil mutant group called The Brotherhood. Rogue never got the importance she deserved in Fox’s X-Men films. But now, she would actually be the perfect opponent for Captain Marvel. She shares a great rivalry with Carol in the comics. And by becoming a Captain Marvel antagonist in the MCU, she could underpower her absorbing her powers. And with that, she could even gain the ability to fly. Being the leader of the Brotherhood, she would also bring in other mutants who’d take on the likes of Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel.

These are the Villains Zawe Ashton could play in The Marvels. Which of these characters do you think she should portray? Tell us in the comments.

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