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6 Big Questions We Have From Loki Episode 5, Journey Into Mystery

Loki’s 5th episode revealed several things about the Sacred Timeline and the TVA. At the end of time, it concludes with more questions than answers. At the end of the fourth episode, Loki and Sylvie discover that the Time-Keepers were just kind of robotic puppets. The whole origin story of the TVA was a ruse. Before they could find more about the mystery, Loki was pruned and sent to a new location that was filled with other Loki variants. And, now there are some big questions we have from Loki Episode 5.

It started with Loki getting stranded on a wasteland which is the Void. With the help of the other variants, he escapes the wrath of Alioth, a giant monster. He reconnects with Mobius and Sylvie and Sylvie makes a plan to enchant Alioth and pass to the other side of the Void. With the help of Classic Loki, who even sacrifices himself, Sylvie and Loki succeed in opening a portal to a strange and foreboding castle. This expands the MCU timeline lore in many ways and the fifth episode doesn’t provide concrete answers to the questions of the show.

But the mysteries should get solved in the final episode. There are already a lot of clues on what’s going on with the multiverse and the TVA. So here are the major unanswered questions from Loki episode 5.

1. Is Classic Loki really dead?

In order to buy more time for Loki and Sylvie so that they can enchant Alioth, Classic Loki sacrifices himself. He creates a huge illusion of Asgard to distract the creature and standing his ground while it comes to destroy him. His decision to fight something stronger than him is the emblem of the show’s overarching themes of personal change and free will. It was an effective moment, although the character spent a short amount of time on screen. It is possible that Classic Loki may not be dead.

Classic Loki mentioned earlier that he survived his encounter with Thanos, the point where Loki is supposed to die by using a convincing illusion. So it’s possible that the Classic Loki standing on the ground may not be real and his physical appearance could be a part of the spell he was casting. So the Classic Loki may have survived the encounter and could appear in the series finale.

2. Who’s really behind the Time-Keepers and the TVA?

Questions We Have From Loki Episode 5

By the end of the fifth episode, one mystery that remains unanswered is who the creator of the TVA is. Kang might be the one and he is one of those Marvel characters with the power and technological resources needed to construct a big organization like TVA. But Kang may not be Loki’s villain. The character will make its debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But he might show up in the MCU earlier than expected and the studio might deny the speculation for now.

3. What is the Void?

Alioth has raised a lot of questions and the same applies to the Void. Renslayer says that Void is used as a dumping ground for the pruned timelines. It is a place where they can be left and could get consumed by Alioth. But the end of time was or was not always in that way. If not, then someone made it so. Now, these questions possibly link directly into TVA’s origin and that could get unveiled in episode 6. A lot of mysteries remain for now. The Lokis are surviving in the Void for some reason. The Void could have some relation with the rest of the universe.

4. Where do Sylvie and Loki go?

Towards the end of the fifth episode, Loki and Sylvie enchant Alioth and open a portal to some type of sci-fi gothic castle. The episode ends before the details of the new place are revealed. But the portal could lead to the end of the timeline. There have been many theories on what the castle might be. One possible answer is the Citadel at the End of Time from Marvel Comics. It is a place that is inhabited by He Who Remains, an ancient director of the TVA.

Another theory about the castle is that it could be Kang the Conqueror’s citadel. There have been clues throughout Loki that hints at Kang’s potential involvement like Ravonna Renslayer’s prominent role, the presence of Alioth, and the complete time-travel storyline. According to the comics, Kang’s city of Chronopolis exists in the same out-of-time context as the world opened by Sylvie and Loki. So possibly they could find a version of Kang inside.

5. What is Alioth?

Questions We Have From Loki Episode 5

Alioth is a beast that guards the Void at the end of time. He is another powerful creature introduced in the MCU. According to the comics, Alioth is a very intelligent and less animalistic being. He rules the first few billion years in the universe before life developed and controls different parts of the “limbo” space that Marvel comics characters journey through while time traveling. Alioth’s comic version is the main foe of Kang the Conqueror as both of them rule opposing temporal empires.

Alioth has gone through some major changes in Loki because of which his nature is being questioned. He might have been created by the TVA. It looks awfully convenient that a creature that vaporizes matter lives at the end of the timeline and possibly he was placed there intentionally. It is not clear what Alioth has been guarding and why. The person waiting for Loki and Sylvie could be stronger than the beast itself.

6. What will Mobius do at the TVA?

Mobius also survives the pruning like Loki and Sylvie and returns in Episode 5. He plans to take down the TVA. When Sylvie gives him the TemPad she took from Ravonna Renslayer, Mobius says a touching goodbye to them and goes back to his agency in order to unveil its lies. How he would accomplish this is unclear. Mobius alone cannot contend with the full might of the TVA’s forces where most of the people are following Renslayer. If he frees hunter B-15, they might win some other operatives to their side. With some extra help, Mobius might be walking into a fight as dangerous as Loki and Sylvie’s.

These are all the questions we have from Loki Episode 5. Do you guys have any other questions? Let us know in the comments.

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