Agents of Shield Season 3: An Inhuman Hunting In-humans

Marvels’ Agents of Shield is moving at a breakneck speed with new developments pushing the narrative forward to newer directions. The episode 4 titled “Devils you Know” was full of high-octane action and suspense which will keep you on the edge. Here are top 4 mind-blowing moments from the latest episode:

An Inhuman hunting In-humans:




After the Terrigen Bomb explosion in the outer space, there is a spike in the number of In-humans on Earth. One powerful inhuman Lash is hunting down these inhumans and killing them one by one. He took down an ATCU convoy which was carrying a man named Dwight Frye who sent viruses to computers of in-humans and helped Lash identify their locations. His motivations are not clear yet.

Agent May reached out to Coulson:


After learning about Hunter’s plans to take down Ward, Melinda May reached out to Coulson for S.H.I.E.L.D re-inforcements to aid the mission. When she reached to help Hunter, she found that her husband’s life is in danger as he is surrounded by Ward’s men in a grocery store. Hunter didn’t care and went after Ward, managed to put a bullet into his back.

Andrew may be a dead man now:


After the escape of Ward, it was shown that the entire grocery store was blown up as petrol was scattered all around and there was blood all around the place. It’s possible that Dr. Andrew is dead.

Simmons confessed to Fitz that she wants to go back to the other side


When Fitz discovered the data analysis, schematics and astronomical research about rebuilding the portal that took Gemma at the first place, he asked her out of sheer curiosity about what her real intentions are, she then admitted that she wants to go back as something radical happened to her there.


  1. S.H.I.E.L.D is playing ball with ATCU


Coulson cut a deal with Rosalind to capture a deadly In-human “Lash” who is hell-bent on killing fellow inhumans.

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