Army Of The Dead: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Film

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is a fun zombie movie. The film has received mixed reviews. But still, it is enjoyable for the Snyder fans. The film is fully action-packed. It follows a unit of mercenaries hired to steal $50 million from a casino vault in the heart of a zombie-ridden Las Vegas. They must complete their job before a nuclear shower rains down on Sin City. The film has a large number of scary zombies and brutal scenes. But it also has some plot holes that don’t make much sense.

1. No silencers

Here, the zombies hunt by sound. They dispatch hordes of the undead on noisy explosions, yelping screams, and machine-gun bullets. Scott and his team are well trained. Still, it does not look good that they do not equip their arsenal with a silencer or sound suppressor. One of those characters is Vanderohe. Played by Omari Hardwick, the character is seen with a huge circular saw on his shoulder. It makes a loud revving noise.

2. Nuclear Radiation

When the film starts, a new report says about a nuclear bomb to be dropped on Las Vegas. It has a low-yield explosion. But considering the size of the blast and the gas cloud, the characters cannot avoid absorbing the radiation. When she shoots her infected father, Kate will be irradiated with harmful nuclear energy. It is the same for Vanderohe. He did not wait for the radiation to clear before escaping the vault and heading to Utah airport.

3. Geeta’s sudden disappearance

Geeta’s fate is unknown. She disappears after boarding the chopper. This is a major plot hole. Geeta was an important character in the eyes of Kate. Kate has to go through a lot to save Geeta. Scott, Peters, and Lilly die in that process. But Geeta suddenly vanishes. Scott thinks that maybe Geeta died in the helicopter crash while he insists on offering her cut of the money to Geeta’s children.

4. Casino heist

The casino heist in Army of the Dead was the best. Here Martin unveils his boss’s plan to get the Queen zombie’s blood. The need to steal $50 million from the vault then becomes completely useless. The Queen’s head has been valued at $200 million. So there is no need to steal $50 million from the casino. The movie would have been better if Bly Tanaka ordered his men to capture the Queen’s head instead of sending them on a foot’s errand.

5. Robot zombies

The presence of robot zombies can is expected in Army of Thieves and Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. But its inclusion in the film raises more questions instead of answers. It is never directly mentioned in the film. But there is a clear race of metallic-faced, glowing zombie-eyed zombie-bots seen on the casino floor. Their discovery has sent internet speculators to run rampant with wild theories and potential tie-ins.

6. Dieter’s involvement

The casino heist was unnecessary. But another unnecessary character here was Ludwig Dieter. He is a skilled safecracker. The mercenaries depend on him to get the $50 million. The casino is owned by Tanaka. So there is no need to crack the safe. Tanaka should have access to the key codes. Tanaka could have saved some time in the situation of a nuclear attack by giving the team access to the vault. The vault’s simple design and the way the team gets the money also raises a lot of questions.

7. Ticking clock urgency

The characters are never seen working with any urgency considering the nuclear attack. The team works slowly when the time of dropping the bomb comes closer. They also take more time to engage in unnecessary conversations. When they learn that the nuclear bomb will hit Vegas in 90 minutes, they show some sort of casual nonurgency that does not make any sense at all. This leaves the audience scratching their heads and trying to understand what is exactly happening.

8. Kate’s decision making

She might be right. But Kate’s selfish decision-making does not make much sense for what’s best for her father, Scott, and the team of mercenaries. They have 20 minutes left till a nuclear shell eradicates Vegas. But Kate disobeys her father and goes to rescue Geeta. Scott and his team are forced to stay behind to ensure Kate’s safety. This gives enough time to Zeus to reach the roof. He kills Lily, Geeta, and Peters and crashes the chopper.

9. Misleading title

The title Army of the Dead is misleading. The film’s opening shows a military unit transporting Zeus from Area 51. He might be the zombie patient zero. After killing the soldiers and looking over the bright lights of Vegas as their target, the zombie army completely disappears from the film. It is implied that Zeus takes the zombies to Las Vegas and they infect the population. But no military zombies are seen in the film. Zeus and his Queen are seen ruling the zombie kingdom as royals. So, Sin City of the Dead could have been a more accurate title.

10. Zombie pregnancy

Snyder introduced zombie fetus in Dawn of the Dead. But he has not explained how a zombie can get pregnant and give birth to a child in the intervening 17 years. When Martin kills the Queen, Zeus takes the corpse and the unborn zombie fetus from her womb. This was meant to show sympathy for the villain and his vengeful motive. But a concept of a dead human giving birth to a living undead baby is something that you cannot imagine.

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